Often, a mom’s main concern after she gave birth to her child is if she will produce enough milk. Some moms’ milk would come in early, but some would come 3-5 days post-partum. Mine came in 4 days post-partum.

I was so happy when it finally came in. But I have struggled with low supply. My daughter was left at the NICU for one week after I gave birth to her. So, I had to pump and leave my milk stash to the nurses. I saw other moms producing abundant milk and I was envious.

I continued to struggle with low milk supply. There were times that I would cry out of frustration because I wasn’t producing enough milk for Olivia. I literally would eat anything that helps in boosting my supply because I am determined to nurture her in the best possible way.

Finally, my milk supply became stable. My kid’s now 14 months old and I have been exclusively breastfeeding her for 12 months.

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I need to keep up with her demand so I still continue to eat and drink milk boosters. One of the best things that I’ve tried were the Milking Bombs by ABC.

Oh, boy! These milking bombs are spot on! They are A-B-S-O-L-U-T-E-L-Y yummy! It is a cookie sandwich glued by a chocolate hazelnut spread. It has this right amount of sweetness that won’t leave you feeling umay. It also has this distinctive aftertaste that makes you just want to eat more.

My hand for scale. Note that I am a 5 foot 7 woman so my hands are big, but just look how big the milking bomb is.

The milking bombs guarantee let down after 30 minutes of consumption. So, what I did was I ate one and timed til the let down. And in 28 minutes, there was the let down. I, myself, at first, couldn’t believe how these yummy goodness can make such amazing results in a very short span of time. I am still amazed to date. Literally, these are milking bombs. My new breastfriend.


Moreover, there are times that it’s the only food that I would eat for breakfast (of course, partnered with my favorite coffee). One cookie sandwich, alone would make you feel full – both the tummy and the breasts. Enough to kick-start another busy day with all the work, chores and breastfeeding. Just makes breastfeeding a lot more fun and exciting.

Milking Bombs by ABC or Anna Bettinna Carlos. Yes, correct. Bettinna Carlos. Your Idol sa kusina is the woman behind these amazing sweets.

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Bettinna and her relative Mia, manage the business. They have been baking lactation desserts for 3 years now. Their goal is to provide the best quality of lactation desserts to mommies especially those who are having a hard time producing milk for their babies. They know how painful it is for mothers to not be able to provide the needs of their babies.

They are firm believers that the best way to nuture our babies is through brestfeeding because of its benefits when it comes to the overall development of our babies. Their desserts are packed with all natural and effective milk boosters such as rolled oats, brewers yeast, fenugreek and flaxseed meal.

Photo Credits to Milking Bombs by ABC

As of now they have 3 products – the classic milking bombs which happens to be their bestseller. It is a cookie sandwich glued by a chocolate hazelnut spread. Second is the crinkoats, soft and chewy like a crinkle but covered with rolled oats and cashew nuts, perfect for the dark chocolate lovers.

And lastly the chocnut brownies, they wanted it to be different from the other lactation desserts that’s why they added a pinoy twist to it which is CHOC-NUT. Others say that they only needed to eat one brownie in the morning to have an increase in milk supply the whole day.

Photo Credits to Milking Bombs by ABC

Now, what makes them so effective? It’s because of the 4 ingredients called GALACTAGOGUES. If you have researched on how to increase milk supply in the past you’ve probably encountered this word already.

The brewer’s yeast, it is free of dairy, soy, sweetener and preservatives. It is a great source of amino acids, B-complex vitamins, folic acid, iron, magnesium and more. The flaxseed meal, it is gluten-free and rich in omega-3 fatty acids that promote good health. The fenugreek, one of the best and strongest herbs for increasing milk production. Just like the brewer’s yeast it is vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free and wheat-free. And lastly, at the whole rolled oats. It is high in fiber good for the colon and digestion.

Photo Credits to Milking Bombs by ABC

Mia, herself has been breastfeeding for 33 months now. Their treats really helped her a lot with her breastfeeding journey. Especially when she really need to have a good supply of liquid gold, usually when the little is under the weather, like cough and colds. She opts not to give otc meds, they only do unlilatch.

For orders, kindly visit @milkingbombsbyabc on Instagram


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