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mikrozid surface wipes | Kills Covid19 virus within 15 seconds

My husband and I are Covid survivors. Now, more than ever, we are more keen in making the house clean, and everything that goes in. We’ve levelled up our disinfecting since the pandemic started, but since we have recovered from the illness, we’ve been more thorough from cleaning to disinfecting.

And just this month, I discovered that there is a hospital grade disinfectant wipes that kills Covid19 virus within 15 seconds – mikrozid surface wipes.

Each pack comes with 120 pulls which is 2x more than its competitor. Each wipe does not easily break and measures 20cm x 20cm for better cleaning coverage.

Since we are parents, we often go for products that does not leave residue or harmful chemicals for children. Hence, I can use it safely on surfaces that my kid often touches.

I use mikrozid on most surfaces such as tables, door handles, light switches, remote controls, keys, cellphones and tablet, shelves, on packages that arrive (I place all packages under direct sunlight, and after that, I wipe them with mikrozid). There are times when I get extra OC, and I use mikrozid on the floor hehe.

What I like the most about mikrozid is its rapid effect. As mentioned earlier, it kills Covid 19 virus in just 15 seconds, while other disinfectants take about 2 minutes.

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