Finding  the right person may be hard for some. Some went through a lot of heartaches before finding “the one” while some are lucky to have found their partners right away. You know what’s more difficult, though? Keeping the relationship up. It is true that love conquers all, but once you are married and living together, you will learn that there are more factors that contribute to make a marriage work, maintain it and keep the spark alive.

Happily married men were asked on what are the things they love the most about their marriages and wives. These men have been married for more than 18 years, some have been married for more than 35 years.

1. Opposites – Science have explained that opposites (magnet) attract, and this is also applicable to marriage. The opposite personalities and characteristics of a husband and wife keep the marriage balanced.

2. Common denominator – Yes, opposites do attract but, on the other hand, couples with common denominators jive well, too. Especially when it comes to personalities, hobbies and interests. Married couple who enjoy the same interests, hobbies, etc. Enjoy doing them together, thus, spending more time together, happily.

3. Date nights – “We always go on date nights. We allot specific day/s in a week for date nights.” Said a man who’s happily married for more than 32 years. He said that this makes his wife special. He always wanted to treat her like a queen, his wife, on the other hand, treats him like a king, too.

4. Beauty – “My wife is the most beautiful woman I have seen in my life and she will always be”. This sweet husband describes his wife as the most beautiful woman. However, he mentions that he just wanted to see her putting up some effort in maintaining her look for her husband. They are now both in senior years and he sees the lines and wrinkles on his wife’s face and body as an added accessory to her beauty. “No matter how old we get, she will always be the most beautiful woman for me, I just wanted the feeling that she still wants to look good for me”

5. Intimacy – A father of four and grandfather of three said that intimacy is never underrated even during senior years. He and his wife still keep the spark alive.

6. Time – One of the top causes of divorce is lack of time. Men need to feel that they are special. Men need their wives’ time. There are times when a woman is more of a “mother” and fails to remember that she is also a “wife”. The best advice I have ever received (hi, ninang Wendy) was I should learn how to manage time for everything. I should allocate time for my kid, my husband and for myself. And men, sees time as a highly regarded form of affection. When they get their wives’ valuable and quality time, they, then, feel important and loved.

7. Cooking – “A way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” A man married for 25 years said that his wife doesn’t know how to cook during their first few years as husband and wife. “She tried to cook a lot of dishes before and most of them failed, some even were epic fail” he said laughingly. “But, she eventually learned and I love her cooking so much. I never wanted to eat anything that she had not prepared herself.”

8. Understanding – Understanding a man-child is underrated haha. Men will always be the one who would need the most supervision and understanding. They are actually more complex than women, and understanding them avoids unncessesary fights that might lead to bigger problems, hence keeping your marriage from divorce.

9. Submission – Husbands are the men of the house and they wanted to live by it. It’s just in their nature that they wanted to feel dominant. Wives, submitting to your husbands is a way of showing that you care for them, love them and value your marriage.

10. Spoiling – Men love being spoiled. A husband married for 22 years said, “My wife gives me presents on special occasions and even just on random days and I definitely love it. It makes me feel special. I love how she wanted to make me happy”

These are the things that married men have to say on how they managed to keep their relationship healthy and marriage happy. Do you have anything else to add? Drop your comments below


  1. #3 is but #6 is another issue. What if you are trying to find time (date night) for ze hubby but he is the one na umiiwas kse iniisip mga bata walang kasama . Well, will wait for your post about that. Hehe humuhugot lang lol

    1. Hi, mommy 🙂 my husband and I, actually, really never go out without our kid in tow hehe. Our dates, mean, kaming tatlo haha. We do not want to leave her kasi talaga aside from the fact na wala kaming yaya haha. We can ask her lolas naman to take care of her para we can go out, pero we choose to bring her all the time hehe parang di namin kayang iwan sa bahay haha. Pero, we also do date nights at home when the little one’s asleep na. We just cook food, and ayun na ang date namin haha tipid pa :))

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