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Melasma solution | Most convenient, natural and budget-friendly way with Pynocare

I took my skin for granted for a long time. I did and did not do things that took a toll on my skin. Now, my common face skin concerns are wrinkles and dark spots. The latter has been my problem since I was in grade school. I’ve had dark spots on my face since then. It’s called melasma. They’re brown or blue-gray like patches. They often resemble freckle-like spots. 

How did I get these dark spots? They started to appear during my tween years and got worse during my high school days when I would often be seen under the sun. Melasma is commonly unharmful but I find it inconvenient and hurts my confidence a bit hehe.

Going back to the things I DID NOT DO that took a toll on my skin, those are:

  1. Not washing my face before I go to sleep.
  2. Not removing my makeup (yet again) before going to sleep.
  3. Washing my face but with merely regular bar soap.
  4. Not using sunscreen.
  5. Not putting on moisturizer.
  6. Being under the sun for an extended period of time. 

These contributed to making my melasma worse over the years. 

Dirts accumulated on my face due to the nights of not removing makeup and not washing my face prior to bedtime. While the prolonged exposure to sunlight resulted in more dark spots and further darkened the existing spots on my face. The UV rays of the sun generate free radicals, it then results in overproduction of melanin, hence the melasma starts to appear or worsen. 

As for the skin discoloration on my face, they now appear lighter and fewer because I am more conscious and mindful about my skin and lifestyle. I now do the opposite of the things I did wrong before. Plus, I used Pynocare last year.

Pynocare is an oral treatment that helps lighten melasma from within. You might be asking now, “What’s in Pynocare? How can it help with the skin discoloration?”

The answer is, because of Pynocare’s MSCC Complex Actisomeand Actisome Technology. These two are developed by Mega We Care Institute. These contain natural ingredients that are highly efficient and effective in fighting free radicals and controlling the production of melanin to normal levels. 

Pynocare is taken twice a day, one capsule each after a meal. Taken continuously for at least 8 weeks. Visible results can be seen then. The longer you take Pynocare, the better the results. Moreover, it can also help reduce signs of aging. 

With Pynocare, we can let the light in. Now, I am more confident with my own skin. Furthermore, putting makeup on is easier now. I used to have a hard time applying makeup evenly (mahirap ipantay hehe) given the skin discoloration.

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