Mark Your Milestones In Pictures

Life is full of little moments you never want to forget. In a society where we all record our everyday routine through selfies – the #selfie culture is blooming on social media platforms –, it’s easy to snap a picture of an event. But sometimes, you have to be realistic. Your selfie camera is not built for your life milestones. Your selfie camera is designed for makeup days and going out with friends. For everything else, you want to invest in high-quality equipment – you might even choose to plan the shot with a professional! What does it matter? Because, one day, when you’re old, you want to sit down on your couch and look at a wall of beautiful pictures, each marking a special day in your life.


The day you said yes to each other

Does it need saying? Your wedding is, of course, one of the most exciting days of your life. It is the beginning of your new family, and, it’s a day that requires a lot of planning. From the dress to the guest list, there is a lot to sort out. But do make sure that your wedding plan also includes a professional photographer such as Andrea Matone, who not only understands how to capture the best picture of you and your spouse but also how to make sure to pick the most beautiful spot for the day. Your wedding photo will act as a memory trigger, remembering you of all the happy times during the day for years to come.

The day you bought your first home

Becoming a homeowner is a significant milestone in your financial journey. It’s a symbol of independence and stability. Of course, your house might need some maintenance work and improvement to feel homely and welcoming, but don’t let those details take your mind off the fact that you own your very first property. Record the day with an exciting photoshoot as you cross the threshold.

The day your baby was born

Nothing beats the feeling of combined joy, excitement and faith in the future that you experience when you welcome your first child. First-time parents are quick to book a photoshoot of their baby, and it’s easy to understand why. It’s a huge transformation in your life! However, professional photographers agree that posed pictures fail to capture the love in your family. Instead, many suggest recording scenes of everyday life, such as a tasteful breastfeeding shot or even a casual walk with the baby.


Baby photoshoot

The day your child first goes to school

School is a significant milestone in the development of your child. Attending school gives children the opportunity to develop their social skills and encourage their natural curiosity. While many parents tend to keep only a picture of the graduation ceremony, you should also record the first step of your child’s journey through the education system. It’s ultimately the day that will lead them to their academic degree in later years!

Starting a family is a long journey, filled with surprised and milestones. From the moment you choose each other to the moment your child goes to school, you can record the growth of your home with meaningful pictures that can become part of your family feature wall.

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