Olivia is now officially a toddler. She’s now a walker and wouldn’t stay put in one place. She wanted to explore everything around her. Thus, one of my major concerns involve diapers. I need a diaper that has superior absorbency and would keep her dry for long periods of time especially now that she’s bigger and would pee more. I needed a diaper that won’t leak even with poop-splosions. And I need a diaper that’s easy to wear.

MamyPoko Pants has all these.

First, Easy To Wear. MamyPoko has double stretch super waist kaya 1…2…3… Instasuot! Which gives extra comfort every time baby moves, making playtimes more fun! Look at my Olivia, just walking and playing around comfortably. The double super stretchy waist also makes me worry-free during meal times when her tummy would get really big. I do not have to worry about readjusting her diaper as it expands with her tummy.

It’s soft like cotton and super breathable making her really really comfortable. Just look at how happy she is.

Next, it has Triple Ring Support that provides all around leakage protection around baby’s waist and
legs. No need to worry about leakage!


Olivia’s got cheeky buns, and I must check that her diaper fits well. Just look how secured the MamyPoko is. I am assured that there’d be no leakage no matter how much she moves. Even poop-splosions won’t escape these support.

It’s absorbency is superior as it can absorb up to 10 hours. It’s safe for all night use making baby more comfortable while sleeping. Just look at her sleeping soundly. There are even days that I won’t have to change her diaper for 12 hours. And the outer material won’t  get plucky no matter how wet it is.

And just look at the design. So cuuuute! Even she, loves looking at it and touching it.

You can also tear it easily for diaper changes. And of course, I use MamyPoko gentle wet wipes that is 99% pure water. We do not want chemicals for our little ones, do we? It’s non-alcohol, thick and durable. Currently, I am using MamyPoko Gentle Baby Wipes Anti-Bacterial with Fragrance

There are 4 variants of MamyPoko Wipes and the three others are:
– MamyPoko Gentle Baby Wipes Anti-Bacterial Non-Fragrance
– MamyPoko Gentle Baby Wipes Cottony Soft with Fragrance
– MamyPoko Gentle Baby Wipes Cottony Soft Non-Fragrance

I can put fresh nappy on Olivia easily and she can go back to playing in no time.

You may purchase MamyPoko at Lazada

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