Breastfeeding moms definitely love Milking Bombs by ABC (Bettinna Carlos). It probably is the most famous lactation goodies here in the Philippines. Milking Bombs come in different variant, the classic milking bomb, chocnut brownies, crinkoats READ ABOUT THEM HERE  and now, their newest baby, Malunggay lactation pandesal.

It is sugar controlled because they use muscovado sugar. The reason why its soft and moist compared to our regular pandesal. The malunggay leaves used are guaranteed fresh because they have their own malunggay plantation. Next, it’s siksik, not the usual puro hangin pandesal.

Yet again, just like all the Milking Bombs by ABC, this malunggay lactation pandesal guarantees let down in 30 minutes, I timed mine and had in 19 minutes. The ingredients that make this possible are fenugreek, brewers yeast, flaxseed and of course, the fresh malunggay leaves.

Since the malunggay lactation pandesal is super healthy, it’s perfect not only for breastfeeding moms but also for the little ones. Olivia and I had the pandesal for breakfast. She had two, and I had two, or three, or maybe four haha. It’s actually filling, but I’m just really matakaw (and the pandesal is just so irresistble). Two is actually enough to fill your tummy in the morning.

Another thing I love about it is the after taste or signature taste all milking bombs have. Super yummy, indeed!
Serving suggestion is consuming 1-2 pandesal every after meal or as needed.
For orders, please go to Milking Bombs By ABC’s Instagram @milkingbombsbyabc or contact them at 0945 124 6752
They are also on Honest Bee.
Malunggay Lactation Pandesal will be available REAL soon!

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