Does Liposuction Eliminate Cellulite?

Does Liposuction Eliminate Cellulite?

Cellulite causes the skin to have a lumpy, dimpled appearance. It is the result of underlying fat deposits and usually shows up on the hips, buttocks, stomach, and thighs. Cellulite affects 80 to 90% of women at some point in their lives. Mild cellulite makes look like the inside of an orange peel. Even when you pinch the skin you may not be able to visibly see it. Moderate cellulite is more of a cottage cheese-like appearance. It may only be visible when you pinch the skin and is not visible when you are standing. Severe cellulite is visible whether you are lying or standing.

Cellulite is the result of an interaction between the layer of fat and connective tissue below the surface of the skin. Cellulite begins to show when the fat cells protrude into the layer of skin. Age and hormonal factors also play a part when it comes to cellulite. Insulin, prolactin, estrogen, thyroid hormones, and noradrenaline are all part of the cellulite production process. When estrogen levels fall during menopause, it lowers collagen production. You can prevent hormone imbalance by avoiding alcohol, reducing your stress level, and getting a good night’s sleep. Cellulite can develop due to genetics based on metabolism, ethnicity, and circulatory levels.

Can Liposuction Eliminate Cellulite?

Of course, the healthiest way to diminish cellulite is through diet and exercise. However, there are procedures that can help those who can’t seem to lose stubborn fat naturally. Liposuction destroys fat cells that lie underneath the skin. During the procedure, a small incision is made in the desired area and a fluid is injected into the body causing it to release fat cells. A cannula tube is then used to suction the excess fat out of your body. Liposuction is an excellent way for someone to contour and reshape their figure. However, it is not an effective procedure to remove cellulite specifically. If you don’t have a significant amount of body fat to lose, liposuction will give you the best results.

If you have a large amount of cellulite, a tummy tuck or leg lift can give you a smoother appearance. Those who have mild to moderate amounts of cellulite could benefit from laser treatments. Since cellulite is a cellular breakdown and not fat, liposuction has no effect on it. There are laser-assisted liposuction devices and treatments that can help eliminate cellulite including:

Laser treatments using small probes can break up the tissue that causes cellulite. It works by stimulating collagen production creating thicker, smoother skin. Laser treatment is non-invasive and results can last for up to a year.

Under local anesthesia, Subcision is a minimally invasive procedure that cuts the fibrous bands underneath the skin. This releases the tension that causes cellulite. Your surgeon will then redistribute the fat and fill in pockets that may have been created by cutting the bands. Subcision is an ideal procedure for many patients due to the minimal downtime required. Most people are able to go back to work the same day and resume their normal activities. The Cellfina® System works in a similar way and can be done on the thighs and buttocks. This treatment is done in your doctor’s office in as little as an hour. Results are noticeable after three days and can last for up to three years.

Carboxytherapy is a non-surgical procedure where carbon dioxide is injected via a small needle below the skin’s surface. It stimulates the production of skin-plumping collagen and blood circulation. This can decrease the appearance of cellulite and give your skin a younger and healthier look. Carboxytherapy is best used on the buttocks, legs, abdomen, and arms. Patients experience little to no pain during the procedure. You may experience mild side effects such as minor swelling of the treated area, redness, bruising at the injection site, pain, a warm sensation.

Endermologie is a non-surgical procedure that feels similar to a massage. It helps stimulate the breakdown of cellulite and fat. Your physician uses a machine that applies suction to your skin. Endermologie lasts only 45 minutes and can easily be done on your lunch break. Most patients require two treatments per week until they have achieved their ideal results. It can reduce the appearance of cellulite, reduce body fat, contour your body, increase blood circulation, relieve minor joint pain, and break down scar tissue.

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