Last month, our family had an out of town trip to Subic and it was definitely one for the books. I haven’t been to Subic for years and it was our first time to be there as a family. We stayed at The Lighthouse Marina Resort. The hotel has been dubbed as the most photographed building in Subic Bay. Its tower has been recognized as a symbol of modern lifestyle and the new Subic Bay.

Moreover, the Lighthouse has been in the limelight several times, from television series, motion pictures, news and public affairs, music videos, game shows, talk shows, and commercials.  It’s also known for its involvement in the sailing community. The Lighthouse Marina Resort is definitely perfect for families and friends, especially for a quick getaway over the weekend.

It is very accessible. Average travel time is two and a half hours but it took us 3 hours, excluding stop overs, as we were only travelling at 60-80 kph. It was a very smooth drive via NLEX and SCTEX. No traffic congestion, no aching legs. It was a stress-free drive. To be honest, travel time from city to city in Metro Manila is longer compared to our travel time to Subic.

We left home at 5am. Then, we had  a stop over at a gasoline station in Pampanga. The trip alone was relaxing enough because of the sceneries along the way. The view of trees and mountains was the start of our tranquil vacation.

We arrived at The Lighthouse at around 8:30 am. (travel time was just 3 hours but we had a 30 minute stop over) as we had to be at the resort before 9 am for our shoot for The Lighthouse’s promotional ad. We were there for two reasons, one is to be the models for the said ad and the other one is for our experiential stay for the blog.

We were greeted by their hospitable staff and the hotel’s serene lobby. The ambiance is homey and close to nature. The lobby features cozy sofas. Welcome drinks were served as we were waiting to be checked in.


We arrived pretty early so we took a stroll around the hotel. Just look at my hsuband and the little one. Enjoying the calming and luscious garden. The air was just so fresh and immediately takes away all our stress and worries.

Our daughter, Olivia, loves nature so much so you can just imagine the look on her face while we were walking around.


The Lighthouse Subic is a boutique hotel with 34 well appointed guest rooms. Rooms are referred as “Aqua” to speak of the love of water and its soothing qualities. One will surely fall in love with the contemporary oceanic motif, chic beddings, glass encased rain showers with accustomed bathroom and luxurious amenities.

We stayed at an Aqua Veranda room that offers a stunning view of the Subic Bay. Our room’s spacious with approximately 34-37 square meters. Olivia enjoyed walking around autonomously. This is where she practiced her hopping skills. She can’t hop yet, though, but she’s trying haha

Just look at that enticing king-sized bed. So comfy. Things that we look for in hotels and resorts – great bed. Great bed means great sleep and great sleep greatly affects our overall experience.

Compliments of the hotel

Amenities were good and we absolutely loved the complimentary sweets especially these blondies. Even my toddler loved it. She usually do not eat sweets but she did eat the blondies.

We got to enjoy the breathtaking sceneries of the garden and the bay. My husband and I were able to take a break and just indulge the moment. We had nachos and a good conversation while sitting laid back on the comfy chairs with leg rest.


The bathroom is carefully designed to pamper and offer total comfort to guests. Our bathroom has a selection of body and bath amenities, terry cotton bathrobes and towels, cotton slippers, a rainforest shower head and hand shower, separate glass enclosed shower, a floating bath tub.

After a loooong time, I was able to enjoy the floating bath tub for a good twenty minutes. I was able to relax my aching muscles and just relax my restless body, mind and soul. Come on, if you’re a mom, taking a bath for more than 5 minutes is already a luxury hehe. Our whole family was able to take delight in the moment and splurge on everything slowly.


We dined at Sands Al Fresco for all of our meals during our stay for 3 days/2 nights. We had buffet for breakfasts and A la Carte for lunch and dinners.

Sands has been known for serving gastronomic delights with extensive menu of international cuisines to cater the different preferences of their guests – as we all know, Subic is a popular attraction to a vast number of different nationalities. Hence, the Executive Chef and the kitchen staff prepare dishes that are certain to impress their distinct taste buds.

Sands Al Fresco has a great view of the Lighthouse’s pool, Subic’s skyline and the bay. There are also several chairs and tables for those who prepare to dine outside and enjoy the sun during the day or the cool breeze during the night. There’s also an entertainment during the night that definitely maximizes the comforting ambiance of the restaurant.

Food’s gastronomic, made from fresh ingredients. We loved everything from omelette at the egg station to pasta to seafoods to meat to vegetables. My personal favorite’s their vegetables. They are just so tasty with the butter-y taste and flavors simply explode in my mouth.


My husband being an artist, I also come to love and appreciate more art pieces. This hall that leads to the restaurant is full of artworks. These impressive art pieces are different illustrations of a lighthouse.

Here we are having a tour around the hotel. Olivia kept on screaming “tee” for tree, and “ish” for fish everytime she sees the pool and the bay. As a parent, it’s priceless to see your little one happy, enjoying and having new experiences and firsts.

It was her first time to feel the sand on her feet, she was scared, though, but it’s another first for her. She loved the sound of the waves splashing on the beach, the sight of the bay and sunset.

It was the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen to date. I have watched it with my husband (feels like we were having our pre nup again haha) and I have watched him and our kid as he carefully explains to her what’s happening while she observes curiously and listens well. That moment will forever be cherished.


What completes a great stay? The service the staff offers. Staff from the F&B, Front Office, Housekeeping and Back Office are all friendly and hospitable. They all accommodated us so well. All of them are courteous and serve and greet us with smiles on their faces.

No wonder why The Lighthouse Marina Resort is the number one boutique hotel in Subic. The Lighthouse is indeed award winning. The hotel received recognition from TripAdvisor such as 2016 Travellers’ Choice Winner and 2016 Certificate of Excellence.

TLMR (The Lighthouse Marina Resort) is a perfect getaway all year round – perfect for summer, long weekends or just a quick escapade to take a break from the busy streets of the Metro. It is also perfect for weddings, conventions and photoshoots. Moreover, if you have foreign friends or balikbayan relatives, you might as well take them at the Lighthouse for a memorable stay and to introduce them to top notch Filipino hospitality provided by the staff.

For bookings and more info, please visit their website

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