I have never been busier my whole life until I became a mom. Being a mom is the best job in the world but you just have a lot of things going on. We have to juggle everything, our husband, kid/s, home, career and everything in between that we tend to forget to take care of ourselves. We don’t even have time to get our nails or hair done.

Just look at my pictures below. Nope, my hair’s not Ombre, the regrowth’s just not colored. Well, obviously, I do not have time to go to the salon haha. And I definitely look haggard and stressed. Not glamorous at all.

Reality check, we have the right to get ourselves pampered hehe. A simple hair color can make us look refreshed, younger, and more put together.

Finally, you can get salon-quality colored hair at the comfort of your own home with Liese Blaune. Surely, more women will feel more confident and renewed with this new home kit.  There are a lot of brands that offer at-home solutions to cover your grey hair, but none do as well as Liese.


Even Coverage
Unlike other hair coloring kits that have to be applied carefully and with the aid of another person, Liese lets you apply it all by yourself. To top it off, the coverage is even, in short, no patchi-patchi. Liese aims to deliver great and even color. It’s the same great quality color that doesn’t miss out on those gray strands.

Do It Yourself
Liese Blaune series still uses Kao’s Bubble Technology to color hair effectively at home – yet again, no need to trouble anyone to help apply the hair color. You can literally do it all by yourself. In fact, you can get a new hair color in 30 minutes!

✔No sweat during the application. It’s like putting on a shampoo
✔No strong foul smell. My hair smelled good, too, after rinsing off. I did not have to worry about my kid inhaling toxic chemicals.
✔Hair didnt turn out brittle, in fact, it’s smooth to touch.

There are five great colors to choose from to freshen up your look. Choose from Golden Brown, Bronze Brown, Rose Brown, Brown, and Black Brown. All the colors are sophisticated, classy, and easy to wear, so it won’t be too difficult to choose a color.

Liese Blaune is indeed the No.1 Japanese Hair color brand. One home color kit and thirty minutes of your day is all you need to pamper yourself. Talk about efficiency 🙂

We all deserve to feel younger, more confident, and revitalized, and that’s all from showing your hair some TLC.

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