I remembered my dad’s story that the first word that I was able to spell out when I was a kid was B-A-B-Y-F-L-O®. Apparently, I was a Babyflo® baby (that sounded redundant hehe)

Now that I have a kid of my own, I use Babyflo® products as well. The most common that I use is their baby wipes. I am quite aware that it is a product of Philusa Corporation. Little did I know that the proper way to pronounce it is /fil-oosa/ not /fil-U.S.A./

And guess what, I learned it from Philusa Corporation’s President himself, Mr. Neogin Evangelista on Babyflo®’s Let Love Flow with Babyflo® campaign at Edsa Shangri-la.

With Mr. Neogin Evangelista

He discussed their products, the company, the campaign and their newest brand ambassadors. This is their first time to have celebrity endorsers, the Team A – Iya Villania, Drew Arellano and baby Primo. This is baby Primo’s first endorsement and the whole family’s, too.

The Arellanos are a perfect fit for the campaign. If you have been following their Instagram accounts, you’d be well aware how dedicated Iya and Drew are to their bungisngis Primo and how fun-filled and crazy their everyday lives are.

Iya and Drew talked about their family’s bonding moments. One is their cuddles and snuggles every morning in bed and another one is giving Primo a bath.

Iya mentioned that before having Primo, she took care of her nephews and nieces so she thought that taking care of her own baby would just be a walk in the park. But she was surprised that it’s a whole lot different when you get to take care of your own kid. She was even scared at first and was worried about getting enough sleep. As we all moms know that being a mom is a 24/7 kind of job. Let me point out as well that Iya is breastfeeding Primo to date. And breastfeeding is not an easy task. It is a commitment. (Kudos to another breastfeeding mama!)

Credits to Philusa Corporation

After some time, though, she got the hang of it and realized that bath time became a form of bonding.

When we give our babies a bath, we touch them, we caress them. They would then feel secured and relaxed. Now, the products that we use on our babies’ skin are like extensions of our hands and love. So we must make sure that these products are safe on their gentle skin.

As an OC mom, I am quite keen in choosing products for Olivia. I would do research before using certain products and ask moms that I personally know for their reviews. Especially now that Olivia’s been diagnosed with Atopic Dermatitis. We use only specific products that are approved by her doctor.

I have tried both Babyflo® Oatmeal Bath and Babyflo® Soap-free bath on Olivia’s skin and the result is quite good. Her skin doesn’t dry out, instead, it becomes moisturized.  It’s so gentle and free from those scary harsh chemicals like Paraben. These products are Dermatologically tested and Hypo-allergenic. Definitely another consumer-reach-quality-product from Philusa Corporation.


 Baby Bonding

As Babyflo®’s promoting bonding time with our little ones, they have tied up with Baby Bonding Philippines to raise awareness of baby bonding benefits and promote it as well.

I, myself, was scared of giving Olivia a bath during her first few weeks, too. She hates water. She hates taking a bath. Literally.

Before, I would get stressed out when I know it’s time for her bath. But I learned that she feels what I feel. If I’m scared, she gets scared, too. So I learned how to relax and do certain tricks to make it fun for both Olivia and I. After a couple of weeks, I just realized that it became my favorite part of the day.

I also find playing with her, teaching her tricks and having our mini “field trip” in our garden different forms of bonding. How about you, mama? What’s your favourite form of baby bonding?


  1. Done.
    Happiest birthday baby Olivia, may you grow full of joy and healthy. I wish you more wonderful years to come.

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  2. Im a fan of babyflo too .. yan din ginagamit ko sa 4yrs old son ko.. sobrang like namin ung babyflo shampoo na kulay green btw DONE IG: @ailzcj05

  3. Happy Birthday Baby Olivia Thank You for sharing your blessing! Godbless! Stay healthy and safe everyday!

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  4. Done!! Hoping to win baby flo products for my newborn son on July! 🙂 My baby sister uses these and all i can say that we really love baby flo! @iamdayannnn

  5. If I didn’t come to this blog I wouldn’t know that it is /fil-oosa/ because I also pronounced it as /fil-U.S.A./.
    Bath time is one of my bonding with my baby girl. Just recently, she loves to take a bath na compare to past months (she cries T.T)
    Btw, I’m joining the giveaway. Thanks for the opportunity to try these products.
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  6. Sana manalo ako for my 7mos. old baby. Shes always suffer to skin allergy which is the sun rashes. Hoping na sana manalo para may pampaligo na kay baby huhu
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  7. Happy Birthday, Olivia! God bless you and your family!

    DONE 🙂

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  8. It’s Our favorite brand!♥ Naalala ko nung HS pa ako gamit ko na yung cologne ng babyflo. Hehe! 🙂
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    hope to win pra sa junakiz ko at mga pamangkin ko. ^-^

    Happy Birthday baby Olivia. Godbless! ♥

  9. What a great reviews, uh it is very useful for new mom like me to collect more knowledge about baby, yup! I am soon to be a mom, i’m due on November i can’t wait to meet my baby. i’ll read more about your blogs your mommy diaries and more. Hopefully i won this time thanks momshie for this blogs and giveaways, xoxo

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  10. done. hopefully i won, para paglabas ni baby ko my gamit na hehe. thank for this opportunity.


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