One of the reasons why I love reviewing hotels is because I get to see how their services differ, and I know just the hotel that stands out when it comes to services and can be of level like a 5-star hotel’s. I am talking about LeBlanc Hotel in Antipolo.  LeBlanc is your getaway in just 30 minutes. Antipolo is the new hub for quick getaways, it’s just a town away from the Metro, and Leblanc Hotel is the first of its kind in the area that is waiting for you and your family.

I am a hotelier by heart, graduated with a degree related to Hotel Management. I am on a different track now, but in one way or another, I get to express my love for the industry by blogging.

I mentioned earlier that Leblanc’s service is outstanding. Everybody was just accommodating – from their security personnels to front office to F&B to the back office.

Let me give you a virtual tour to your next Staycation.

LeBlanc sure has got a room for everyone, they’ve got single rooms, twin and suites. This one is a Junior Suite, it’s got a comfy mattress, soft pillows, fresh linens and hugging duvet. TV’s got Netflix and YouTube to cap off your night with a movie or your favorite series.

My little one said “Mommy, (I) like this house”. That’s a clear sign that she’s have had a good time there.

One distinct thing we also commend about Leblanc is they take security seriously. There are doors to the corridors leading to the guests’ rooms that can only be accessed using the key card of the guests staying on that floor/section.

LeBlanc is also known as an event place for meetings, conferences, and events such as weddings and debuts at their Sky Garden, function rooms and at their exclusive resort just right across the hotel.

Here’s their pool. One pool for the adults and one kiddie pool. Look at our little Minnie Mouse enjoying the pool.

My husband and I also enjoyed refreshing drinks by the pool. As usual, I had a mocha frappe and he had mango with ginger shake.

And oh, their restaurant, Bistro, has got awesome food choices! Not to mention, they also are delectable. LeBlanc served us all of these for dinner.

We had Sinigang na salmon for soup. It’s not just soup, we can even consider it as a main dish because there are several salmon slices in the soup and they’re big. Can serve 2-3 pax at the price of 250 pesos only.

For appetizer, we had grilled Saikoro wagyu beef cubes with 3 dips. For appetizer, it can serve 2 pax. It can also satisfy one pax if eaten as a main dish with rice. 350 pesos only.

We also had Teriyaki chicken. Grilled chicken glazed with mouth-watering teriyaki sauce. Can serve 1-2 pax at 350 pesos.

Another entrée we had was crispy pork binagoongan. Pork belly pieces with fried eggplant and sweet and spicy bagoong. Gosh! I am craving now! haha. 250 pesos only and can serve 2-3 pax.

And ultimately, for dessert, we had classic suman. Each serving has 2 classic suman and can serve 2 pax. 70 pesos only.

This staycation is one for the books. Memorable for everyone in our family. Yet again, a part of us was left in this place. We made memories here and we sure are going to look back at those sooner or later.

The hotel was built in the loving memory of Hon. Francisco “Komong” Sumulong. The site where Leblanc is located was popularly known as the “White House”. In the spirit of keeping the White House and Komong’s memory alive, the property is named LeBlanc which means “the white” in French. LeBlanc strives to be a continuation of Komong’s aspiration for Antipolo, which is to uplift its economic and tourist destination.

If you’re booking your staycation at Leblanc soon, good news for you! Theire deluxe rooms are at 50% off until November 28, 2018. Single deluxe is now at 2,340 only (regular price is 4,680), and twin deluxe is at 2,925 (regular price is 5,850). For bokings, please visit



  1. Taga Antipolo ka ba sis? Ganyan pala itsura nyan. Maganda din pala. Nagcocontemplate kc ako if worth it ba mag staycation jan kc malapit lang din naman sa min. 😀

  2. Like your little one, I love the “house” too. It is so elegant and so refreshing to look at Everything from the room to the amenities and even the food all look so dainty. At ang mura ng food ha. I have to check Leblanc Hotel. Thanks for the fab referral.

  3. It’s the first time I’ve heard of this hotel. Nice to know that it’s just in Antipolo. Good alternative to Tagaytay. It looks so peaceful and clean too. Will definitely consider this for our next staycation.

  4. Wow at 50% discount, that is a steal. Le Blanc is a stone throw away my place and I have been wondering what it looks like inside. Thanks for giving a sneak peek. The food looks amazing and real appetizing. Thanks for sharing!

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