My Olivia, who’s now 18 months old used to have screen time of up to 2 hours. Then, it went down to 1 hour and there were months when she had no screen time at all. Since December of last year, I tried to introduce videos again, for the first weeks, she had 10 minutes tops of screen time. Now, she’s allowed to 20-30 minutes a day, so I make sure that those minutes count. I make sure that the time she spends in front of the screen is worth it.

KidloLand is definitely my top pick amongst all other educational apps in the market today. It’s definitely the all-in-one app. It has 1000+ nursery rhymes, songs, stories, activities and games. The graphics is great and everything is interactive. I love the look on my little one’s face everytime an object or animal moves when she presses the screen.

It’s unlike any other apps that only have songs or games. KidloLand tackles almost everything a kid under 5 needs to learn – alphabet, numbers, animals, flowers, shapes, occupations, sports, food, places, planets, months, days and more! The songs, activities, stories and games seriously seem endless. I have the app on my iPad since December and I have not downloaded everything yet, can you just imagine the number of songs, stories, activities and games in one single app?

I guarantee you, your child will never be bored with KidloLand. It’s perfect for your morning songs with your kid, for your afternoon games and activities, and for your bedtime stories. There’s just a lot to learn. Plus, the app can be used anytime, anywhere, on the go.

I’d say that KidloLand happens to be a lifesaver. When Olivia was teething, sick and cranky (We, parents, know how cranky kids can get when they’re teething, especially if it’s the molar.) I’d just play KidloLand in front of her to calm her and keep her in place everytime I have to give her her medicine.

There is also an option for age groups so you can find the appropriate features according to your kid’s age. As for me, I selected “No Age Group” so as we can learn everything.

KidloLand is definitely an innovative form of learning and bonding with my Olivia. I’m glad I’ve found the best educational app. Olivia and I love it and I am sure that you will, too.

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