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Keeping up with an active kid

My kid is a very active one. My husband and I have always been advocates of actual play. This brings out the best in every kid as they learn best through play. Kids actually have to be kids.

My husband and I have formulated P.L.A.Y. formula to reach a kid’s optimum potential. We have been speaking about with our talks whenever we are invited to be guest speakers, and on camera.

P.L.A.Y. stands for, Pretend play, Limitless, Adapt and Yipee!

All are necessary to fully reach a kid’s potential. All these involve actual play, outdoor play, letting kids explore the world around them, and discover how the world works.

We have been using this, hence our daughter being very active. She runs, does chores (since she was 1.5 years old, this teaches her independence and sense of responsibility), draws and paints, plays football, gets dirty, and she is happy. Her energy, endurance, basically how playful she is, is unbelievable haha.

As a mother, it is my duty to supplement this energy ball with proper nutrients.
We have recently discovered Fern Kiddimin. It has Vitaminsarap boosters that help with kids’ appetite, growth and brain development.

The aforementioned Vitaminsarap boosters are Vitamin B Complex and Lysine that help support appetite. Vitamin D3 and Chlorella that help keep bone and muscles strong. Vitamin A and Taurine that help promote mental sharpness.

It has a fruity taste, particularly orange, that kids will surely love.

To top them all off, Fern Kiddimin is within consumers’ reach – 88 pesos only for 60ml and 158 pesos for 120ml.

Available in Watsons, Southstar, St. Joseph Drug, Rose Pharmacy, Negros Grace Pharmacy and other drugstores Nationwide.

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