Are you looking for a fun way to get active and work out those muscles? Or looking for a new bonding activity with your friends or family? I present you, the Jump Yard.

Jump Yard is an indoor trampoline park. It’s open for kids (3 and above) and adults.

Kids have their own area for safety reasons. Jump Yard is strict with their safety protocols. They require all jumpers to watch a safety video before allowing them to jump. They have nurses on duty, too.

Jump Yard requires you to wear grip socks. If you dont have a pair, you can purchase one from them for only a hundred bucks. They also have lockers so you can safely store your belongings while jumping.

Jump Yard has total of 8 sections. The toddler area, cage ball, wall climbing, Olympic trampolines, slam dunk basketball, dodge ball, foam pit and open jump trampolines.

Toddler Area

My personal favorite, the Olympic tramps. Did you ever wish that once in your life you could jump as high as possible and do exhibitions like the Olympians? Well, this tramp will make it come true and you can dive into the their massive foam pit.


This is the dodge ball area. You might be tempted to do flips like ninjas here but no, you cannot, of course, for safety reasons.

Wanted to dunk like Jordan or LeBron but cannot? Finally, you’ll get to know what it feels like to dunk with the help of these trampolines. You will get to jump high and dunk the ball in to that ring. How exciting it must be!

CREDITS – Jump Yard
CREDITS – Jump Yard

The open jump trampolines, the biggest section. There are also certain activities there such as wall climbing, monkey bars, foam pit diving.

CREDITS – Jump Yard


It is surely a fun way to get those muscles pumping or just a new form and fun way to bond with your friends, family or significant other. That’s why it’s a no brainer why Jump Yard is already so popular despite being just a year in the business.

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