Did you know that an average of 600+ children have died in road crashes from 2006 to 2014? It’s indeed horrendous and no one wants this to happen. What others are not aware of, is that this could have been prevented. To date, Child Safety in Motor Vehicles Act of 2017 is now for deliberation in the Senate. And the ever dazzling celebrity mom, Camille Prats, who has gave birth to her Princess, Baby Nala Camilla last year is helping to create awareness for  the aforementioned act.

She aims to get people informed about children’s safety when travelling. Camille Prats Yambao is partnering with a well-known global quality manufacturer of baby car seats, strollers, high chairs, and baby carriers -JOIE BABY

Joie Baby Philippines had their Brand Ambassador launch on January 17, 2018 at Marco Polo Ortigas, attended by Media, Bloggers, VIP’s and Europlay’s big bosses

“I believe that safety is important, especially when we’re on the road with our children,” says Camille Prats Yambao. “That’s why I am so thankful that finally, we will soon be required to make sure our babies and children are protected while they are riding in vehicles. It’s also great that Joie, one of the best brands trusted by parents around the world for this purpose, is also now available here in the Philippines.”

According to the World Health Organization, a good car safety system with rear-facing restraint can reduce the risk of injury for children aged 0-4 by 80 to 90%.

This is the Joie Baby Pact Lite and Camille demonstrates how easy it is to pack – fast and flat – with only one hand. It’s also lightweight at 5.5 kgs. It’s so compact it will fit into the overhead cabin of the aircraft. Talk about convenient travelling 🙂

Camille recommends Joie Baby Every Stage car seat, the ultimate transporter that makes growing up easy from birth to twelve years.  Grows every which way for every which stage.  Beginning as a rearward facing seat from birth to 18kg and converting to a forward facing seat from 9-36kg.

Joie Baby Every Stage car seat, in fact, received the  2017 Mother & Baby Gold Best Car Seat (Group 1+) and 2016 Best Baby and Toddler Gear Consumer Choice: Gold (Group 0-1-2-3 Car Seat).

There’s my Olivia trying out Joie Baby high chair. Again, this one is compact and grows with the baby. When the kid is a little older, s/he may use the table and chair separately. It can also be used as a study table. Brilliant and space saver.

That is the Joie Excursion travrl cot. Road trip ready nursery with portable pop-off toppers. Portable changer and snoozing seat can be used on or off the cot, for the perfect solution at home or away.

I had the privelege to ask Camille couple of questions and one of which concerns road safety. I asked her for tips that she can share to moms struggling of having their kids still on their car seats, as I, myself, have problem with this.

She said that the earlier we train our kids, the better. But if not, we can try giving them toys and just keep them entertianed. I must say, it’s helping. Thanks for the tips, Camille 🙂

Just look how comfy the pretty Baby Nala is on her Joie Baby Pact Lite pram. Mommy Camille and Baby Nala were such a breath of fresh air. Camille’s also very down to Earth and accommodating, no wonder she’s been bery blessed 🙂

“Safety begins with Joie” is what the company’s motto is but I’d say Joie Baby is more than that. Their products are compact and top-notch at reasonable price.

As per Camille, “You can’t really put a price on your children’s safety, but I’m glad that Joie’s products are cost-effective and definitely worth it,” she says with confidence.

For more info, you may visit Joie Baby at ph.joiebaby.com



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