Jaw-dropping features of this SmartHome


Everybody sure has got their dream home pictured out. Even my 4-year-old kid has her dream home painted in her mind. She would imagine hers as “not too big but with lots of grass, plants and flowers.”

I would describe mine similar to hers.

Now that we spend most of our time at home, I’m sure everyone around the globe has valued their homes more than ever. It is our sanctuary, our safe haven.

Speaking of which, the largest real estate developer in the Philippines, VistaLand, recently launched their Camella Healthy SmartHomes. I discovered this while I was searching the internet on houses for sale.  I was undoubtedly amazed with this innovation. Another master-planned community by the richest man in the Philippines, Mr. Manny Villar.

Camella Healthy SmartHomes features state of the art technology including:

  1. Door lock that can be locked and unlocked by any of the following – passwords, the owner’s fingerprints, or via mobile app.
  2. Light switches may be accessed via mobile app.
  3. Wall sockets that offer safety and convenience. You may effortlessly turn the coffeemaker on (given that it’s plugged already) while you’re still gathering the energy to get up from the bed haha. All you have to do is access it via mobile app.

  • Now, some of us tend to forget things (I’m guilty of this *mom brain* haha) like turning an appliance off or unplugging something, but with Camella SmartHomes, you may turn it off via, yet again, the mobile app.
  1. Another safety feature of Camella’s smart technology is, come there would be an intrusion and forceful opening of the door, the alarm trigger will go off.
  2. CCTV can be accessed via mobile application. It also starts recording when it detects motion.

  3. Scene switch. This is the thing that I love the most. You may control the lights and sounds according to the ambiance that you prefer – be it date night, movie night, bed time or party time. With one click at the “Arrive Home” scene switch, you can have the aircon and lights turned on, and have your favorite shake blended.
  • Should you choose the “Good Morning” scene switch, the blinds will open, your coffee ready, aircon turned off so you can get ready for the day. Different switch, different scenes.

With all these features, we can also help lessen the contact on the things that are frequently touched at home, ergo, lesser risks of spreading germs and viruses.

Everything on the list just left me in awe. What can I say except AMAZING and kudos to one of the country’s most trusted builder, VistaLand.

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