Islander slippers, a footwear brand here in the Philippines, has been providing us top-notch quality throughout the years. When you say Islander slippers, the next thing that would come to mind is its durability. Islander never cut corners, always committing to providing us  “kapal ng orig, tibay ng orig” quality.

Previously, they did a graphic visual using 8,000 pairs of slippers. And on October 15, 2018, they brought that to life! They used 8,000 pairs of Islander slippers for a live giant mosaic in SM Megamall. These were then donated to the 9 following beneficiaries:

Yapak Pinas – 1,000 pairs
Child Hope Philippines – 600 pairs
Anawin Lay Missions Foundation – 300 pairs
Prison Ministry Correctional Institution Women Mandaluyong – 700 pairs
Philippine Jesuit Foundation – 700 pairs
Children of Dagat-dagatan District Navotas – 500 pairs
Tondo district of Manila – 1,300 pairs
Payatas Orione Foundation – 500 pairs
He Cares Mission – 500 pairs

A program was organized to present the live mosaic and formal granting of donations to each beneficiary’s representative. The event was attended by Islander’s VIP’s, beneficiaries, bloggers and influencers, San Beda Red Lions, and more! After the event proper, the giant mosaic was made open to the public for art appreciation and photo-op. Those who took selfies with the enormous art were given gifts such as slippers, umbrella, drinking flasks, etc.

The event attendees, on the other hand, then headed to Dad’s buffet for a sumptuous dinner. We got to mingle with them including the big bosses, and all of them are so friendly and accommodating. This is definitely one of the best events we’ve been to. 

Islander is Filipino made, loud and proud, the reason why the event was entitled Loud & Proud. We’ve not only witnessed a historic and heartfelt moment, but we also sent out a message of pride as we salute the tibay spirit of the Filipinos who made all these slippers, who planned and executed the event, and the beneficiaries who received the donations.


  1. Tsinelas ng bayan. Hehehe. I remember using Islander when I was younger (and looong before Havaianas invaded the Philippines). Matibay talaga 🙂

  2. This is a wonderful initiative. I’m also happy to see that they donated to 2 of our community’s ministries. I’m part of Light of Jesus. Anawim and He Cares are among our ministries.

  3. Oo nga. Parang sa tibay at tatag ng isang Pinoy. Makukumpara ito sa tibay at tatag ng Islander. Subok na matibay talaga. Nakakatuwa talaga na more than sales, may mga pinaglalabang advocacy at paninindigan ang ilang mga kumpanya tulad ng Islander. Mas pinakikita nila na sila ay may pusong Pinoy din na sadyang matulungin at may compassion.

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