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How To Warm Baby Bottles: 5 Quick And Safe Methods You Can Use

Medically there is no requirement to heat up the bottle of a baby before feeding milk to the baby. However, it is a matter of preference. It is seen that younger babies like to take warm milk whereas the older babies like to take cold milk. It is found that most of the babies like to prefer the milk which is at body temperature. So, before giving milk to the baby it is essential to check the heat of the bottle so that you can avoid burning of the mouth to your baby. You should touch the bottle of the milk and in case you feel a warm sensation on your wrist then you should not give it to the baby.

Some safe and quick methods to warm baby bottles

The following are some safe and quick methods to warm baby bottles:

  • Using a baby bottle warmer: You should choose the perfect size and shape of the bottle that you have to use for the baby. A simple touch on the bottle will help you to feel that the temperature of the milk is perfect for your baby or not.
  • Setting the bottle in warm water: One of the excellent methods of bottle warming is using the countertop methods. What you have to do is that you have to heat some water in your microwave or stove. Heat the water in such a way that it is not too warm. Do not boil the milk and just observe whether the baby will be able to drink the milk of that much of temperature or not. Apart from that once you pour the milk into the bottle you should never shake the milk vigorously.
  • Keeping warm milk bag under tap water: In the market, you will get a lot of milk bag. Milk bag is suitable for those mothers who fed their baby with their breast milk.  According to medical science, it is said that the breast milk is the best for baby and as such milk bag plays a very important role in feeding the baby well. Milk bag is made up of thin layer plastic and breast milk can spread across the bag. As such the breast milk that is kept in the milk bag can be efficiently and quickly warmed. In case you feel that the breast milk is too warm what you can do is that you can keep the bag of the breast milk under tap water for some time and it will back to the right temperature.
  • Fixing formula bottle with warm tap water: People who have a bottle of formula there is no requirement for going through an extra step for heating the bottle. You should simply run the warm water directly into the bottle. However, if you have a little doubt with the purity of the local tap water what you can do is that you can boil the milk for one minute. After boiling the milk it should be allowed to cool the milk by the running tap water to an appropriate temperature of 98.6 degree Celsius.
  • Using an electric bottle warmer: You can also use the electric bottle for keeping the milk warmer. It takes 4 to 6 minutes to heat the bottle for perfect temperature for the baby. You can also use this type of electric bottle while going to travel with your baby.

It is very essential that you give your baby milk with perfect temperature. Since no baby likes to take cold milk you have to take an appropriate step for making the milk warmer before you fed the baby. Apart from that, it is also important that you take appropriate steps for keeping the milk of your baby safe from various types of impurities and keeping the temperature of the milk appropriate. Thus, since all babies prefer warm milk it is very important for all the babies to know all the quick and safe method for feeding the baby with warm milk. That is the reason why it is essential to know and understand all the measures mentioned above so that you can take proper care of your babies.                  

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