Nowadays, almost all of the companies and organizations have websites. It’s almost deemed as a necessity. Why? Because we are living in the age of technology and almost everyone uses the internet. Ergo, it means a lot to get visible online. We use the number one search engine, which is Google, to search for info, read on stuff that interests us, learn new things, etc.

Now, the thing is, how do we rank on the top page of Google? That’s where SEO (Search Engine Optimization) comes in. SEO in quite complicated and we need experts to get it done for us. I, myself, a blogger, seeks to rank on that top 1 spot on Google. I even, once, paid for services to fix my website when I found out that I was losing visitors for a number of reasons and one of them was my website’s taking too long to load. That alone, won’t guarantee me ranking on the coveted spot on Google. It’s more complicated than that, it involves coding, working from on-site, off-site, coding, backlinks, and literally a lot more. It’s a long term procedure. And I am glad that I have SEO Hacker to help me with that.

SEO Hacker started on 2010 when the digital age boomed. They have since become the masters of SEO. In fact, they, themselves, rank number 1 on Google. It’s no wonder why huge organizations trust them such as SM, The Generics Pharmacy, Fukuda, Toyota, Ben & Jerry’s, Land Rover, Toni & Guy, Ford, LG, Enderun and a lot more – from small scale to full scale, local to multinational ones.

SEO Hacker has got you covered from site speed optimization, site security optimization, conversion rate optimization, overall brand reputation, web design, layout, content. Different packages are offered depending on the the client’s needs from SEO consulting to complete internet marketing package. For every peso you pay them, they would give you at least 4 peso of sales in return.

They are eager to work with you! You may reach them at +63917 849 4308 or +632 967 6261

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  1. Choice of domain and platform have a lot to do with it as well. For example, sites on Tumblr don’t rank. Sites with extensions like .info or .me don’t ran. I attended an SEO workshop before and they said .com and .net are still best for SEO, or alternatively, .ph if you want priority at

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