Is a smart child born or made? Is it by nature or by nurture?

Let us find out what this dedicated momma did to have a smart kid.

If you’ve been following Top Gear Philippines’ FB page, chances are, you have watched her kid’s viral video. Her son was identifying about 30 car logos on the said video. It went viral on May 2016. It reached almost 400k views.

This is the said video that went viral. His dad recently uploaded it on YouTube. The original video was uploaded by Top Gear Philippines on May 2016.

The following is a set of questions answered by the boy’s mom.

Mommy Diaries: “some studies show that the bigger the baby’s head (not beyond the normal), the smarter s/he is.”

Mommy Kaye: “Deandre’s head’s bigger than the other babies of his age group. I even called him Jimmy Neutron before.”

Mommy Diaries: “Did you do anything to stimulate his brain development when you were pregnant?”

Mommy Kaye: “Yes. I downloaded classical music such as the ones from Beethoven and Mozart. I’ve read an article before that says classical music enhances the development of a baby’s brain. And I think it works. As Deandre’s growing up, I can see that he is very focused on every single thing that he does.”

MD: “Come the time that you gave birth to him, what stimulations did you do then?”

MK: “Since he was a newborn, I have religiously played nursery rhymes for him and read books with him. When he was a few months old, he was just observing around and I thought, then, that he’s not participating on our activities. Until one time, I asked him something and he answered right away  and that’s where it all started”

MD: “At what age did he reach certain milestones, such as crawling, sitting up, etc?”

MK: “Crawled at 6 months, sat up at 7 months, walked at 1 year and 3 months, did tricks and knew alphabet at 1, phonics at 17 months. At 2 years of age, he already knows how to identify tens of heavy equipment and their purposes. And at 3, his video went viral when he identified 30 car logos. That’s when doors of opportunity started to opened for him. TGP noticed him, Maseratti, followed by a couple more.

MD: “What can you say about his social skills?”

MK: “Deandre is very attentive. He prefers to speak and have conversations with adults. He is very curious in everything he sees, how they work and how it’s done and he asks the adults about them. He has about a thousand questions a day. The reason why google always comes in handy. I wanted to give him the correct answers for each question he asks.”

MD: “You mentioned that he is OC, tell me about it”

MK: “He literally wants everything in order. From his toys to his notebooks to his clothes. Everything has to be in proper order and they even have to be grouped by colors. He gets annoyed and uneasy especially when it comes to his toys if they are not placed according to how he wants them. The reason why there would be times that he doesn’t want to play with makukulit kids.

MD: “What do you do when it comes to disciplining him?”

MK: “I am very strict. I wanted him to grow up as a well-mannered man but I still let him explore. I am keen when it comes to his manners. Especially now that he encounters a lot of people. His world is now diverse, he gets to meet a lot of people with different personalities and I do believe that everything starts at home. It’s his foundation. His upbringing depends on it.

MD: “What can you say about his independence?”

MK: “At such a young age, I can say, that Deandre is already independent. He can go to the restroom all by himself, he also does his homework and he studies for his exams but at the end of the day, he’ll still need mama.”

MD: “Can you give a piece of advice that you can share to other moms out there?”

MK: “I’d say that being a hands-on mom is the key. No matter how busy I get with my work and household chores, I still find time to teach my son”

Just this March, Deandre bagged 5 medals from their school’s moving up ceremony. A smart kid, indeed. 4-year-old Deandre is an incoming Kinder 2 student for this school year.

Last year, his school’s assessment was that he should be in Kinder 2 already. However, his parents opted not to since Deandre was just 3-year-old then. His parents said that IQ wise, Deandre may be ready but he might experience culture shock as his supposedly classmates are 2 to 3 years older than him.

How about you? What’s your take? Where does intelligence come from? nature or nurture?

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