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Having your own car offers a lot of advantage and convenience. So, how do you choose the right car?
There are a number of factors to consider when looking for the perfect car for you. It has to meet your needs, budget and lifestyle.

I had my first car when I was 18 and I still drive that car to date – a Toyota Altis. My needs and lifestyle before are different compared to now that I have a family of my own. For regular trips, like business, events, etc. we bring our car because it’s the most convenient and fuel-efficient. For out of town trips with additional family members, we bring our SUV Mitsubushi Adventure or Pickup truck Chevrolet Colorado. For trips with extended family, we bring the Toyota Hiace van. See how the type of car changes according to the factors aforementioned (needs, budget and lifestyle)?

If you would be using your car every day and looking for more economical type of automobile, it is best to get a sedan. If you have a family or planning to have your own soon, it’s best to get an SUV. Trust me, when you’ve got kids, you will never leave home with just one bag. You have to bring diaper bag/s, bag/s for pump or feeding bottles and food, bag for toys, stroller and of course, car seat.

Car seat is indeed a must and mandated by law in most countries. Well, of course, car seats also vary. You have a lot of options and it also depends on your kid’s age. Car seats range from 0-12 months, 0-4 years old, 0-7 years old, 1-12 years old, etc. There are convertible car seats that would grow together with your baby so you won’t have to buy a separate car seat come the time that the kid would outgrow the old car seat.

However, choosing the best car seat appropriate for your kid’s age is not that easy. It is, actually, advised by doctors and child safety experts worldwide that kids of 0-2 years old or even older must be in a rear facing car sear. Rearward facing as long as possible is the safest way to go. When a child is riding facing rear, the car seat absorbs the impact, hence, the child’s head, neck and spine are protected of up to 73% than forward facing.

There are just so many options to choose from and one can get torn whether choosing a brand new car, second hand car or car seats, good thing cars.com is there to make things easier. It’s full of information and resources that will help you decide.

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