I learned how to gamble in casinos way before I met my husband. But since I wasn’t earning my own money back then, Ive only got to play twice or maybe thrice. Then, after a couple of years, my husband and I decided to visit the new casino in the town.
We gambled only a thousand that day. We lost. The machines were a lot different compared to the ones I knew before.
Then, we decided to go back after a couple of days. We weren’t addicted to casino during that time…YET. We only allotted 2 thousand pesos to play that night. And guess what? We won a whopping 10 thousand pesos. We thought that we would win the same amount and so, we went back the following day. We went back, and we won 5 thousand pesos again. We won and won until we saved up 40 thousand pesos in a span of one week. Relatively speaking, that was a big win for us. We thought that our winning streak would never end.
Until one night, we lost 5 thousand pesos. Then, 15 the following night, until we lost all the money we’ve made from the casino. We still continued to gamble. We would win, then lose the night after. The cycle just goes on. We ended up losing a lot of money.
I, then, got pregnant and stopped going to the casino but my husband didn’t. It was then when we finally realized how to beat the casino. Guess what? We’ve got all the money we’ve lost and we’re up by tens if not hundreds of thousands. And, I am going to share how.
But first, why do we keep on coming back to casinos? Because it’s addictive. Table games will give you higher chances of winning than slot machines. Slot machines are programmed to have more combinations in favor of the bank than the players’.
In addition, the sounds and colorful effects the slots bring when you win triggers your brain to play more so you can see more of those as well. It was meant to be that way to entice you to play more even after winning. Plus, the feeling and satisfaction you get when you win is incomparable.

On the other hand, when you lose, you are more eager to get back at the machine. You stress out, it gets the best of you and you slowly lose your sanity. The next thing you’ll know is you already lost a HUGE amount of money.


So, how to beat the casino?

1. Bring only the amount of money that you are to gamble.
The amount of money you are ready to risk and lose. Do not bring ATM’s and credit cards. You will end up using them.

2. Set a goal. Whether you aim to win a thousand or a hundred thousand, keep that goal in your mind.

3. Go to the casino past midnight. Although you can win at any time of the day, midnight onwards is still the best time to play.

4. Watch others as they play. Observe if the machines are giving away moolah or not. Some machines will eat up a lot of money at first, then will be followed by good spins. We usually look at the high rollers. If the machine won’t give away money even after eating up a lot of money from them, chances are, it will give good spins soon.

5.Follow your instincts. If you have a good feeling about a certain machine, go for it.

  1. If you are continuously losing, wash your hands. If you are winning, don’t.
  1. You must know when to stop. Whether you are winning or losing, you must know when to stop. If you weren’t able to reach your goal, know when to stop.
  1. Remember that there is always a “next time”. If today’s not your day, you can try again some other time. Do not be persistent as you would end up losing a lot more.

These pieces of advice are based on our personal experience.  It all boils down to self-control and discipline. No matter how much you’ve won that night, remember that you wouldn’t earn that amount in just one night (For instance, if you are earning a thousand a day and if you would win the same amount a night in the casino, then leave the premises once you get to have that money in your hands). On the other hand, if you have lost a lot of money, stop. You cannot literally beat a machine. Remember, it is programmed in favor of the bank.






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