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Chinese New Year gives us the opportunity to start fresh filled with positivite outlook for the new year ahead – be it in wealth, career or health. Tradition has it to welcome the CNY with grandeur. We welcome it with table-full of dishes to bring abundance and good luck.

But did you know that certain dishes are believed to bring good luck? To ensure fruitful days ahead, honestbee has gathered the best merchants in and around Chinatown, to bring you their lucky dishes- and more!

Lucky dishes to ring in the Year of the Pig

Legend says, that dumplings you eat during the New year celebration, symbolizes to give you more money. So, the more dumplings, the more money that you can make in the upcoming year.

Dumplings from Decs, Wai Ying, Shi Lin and Bai Niang are available on Honesetbee app to bring us closer to fortune this year.

Restaurants like Lugang Cafe, Tuan Tuan and Wang Fu bring steamed fish. Fish is believed to bring in prosperity.

Spring rolls are also believed to bring good luck as they depict gold bars. Means it can bring a lot of wealth. While this is believed to be a myth, there’s no harm in trying and filling your tummies with those from Bain Nian Tang Bao.

Noodles are well-known to symbolize longevity, in fact any birthday celebration isn’t complete without it, so go ahead and order your favourite noodle dishes from Ling Nam and Ersao too.

Fruits are also believed to attract fullness and wealth like kiat kiat and pomelo. You may readily purchase them in bulk from S&R, Farmers Market, Isetann and Ultramega Supermarket.

Consumption of niang nao or glutinous rice cake is also deemed to bring you a higher income or a job promotion. Luckily, Niang Nao may be purchased from Holland.

Lastly, make celebrations sweeter and bring the spirit of togetherness to the family by wrapping up the celebration with Eng Bee Tin. Eng Bee Tin offers all-time favorite hopia, tikoy, tangyuan and more Chinese delicacies!

Lucky trinkets for your home

Honestbee can bring us more fortune as they also carry lucky charms and feng shui items from New Victory Trading.

Talk about convenience, yeah? No need to go out of your way to purchase lucky pig figurines, chinese lanterns and angpao as honestbee can deliver them all right to your doorstep!

Look for all these offerings under the Chinese New Year tab to bring you luck this Year of the Pig!

Download the honestbee app for free on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and sign up for an account now. Visit for more information.

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