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Grades are just numbers. They don’t define you nor your future

What are these? These are some of my awards from college. I posted these not to brag or anything, besides, I wasn’t even the top of my batch nor my class. Though I worked hard for these, I just realized that all these doesn’t mean a thing now. Yes, it helped my resume and helped me in getting hired in the corporate world before, but beyond that, it doesn’t mean a thing.
The other night, I was making up a bedtime story for my daughter. The story was about two siblings (both girls) who were fishing. The other one caught 10, while the other caught 2. Their parents were proud with the both of them regardless of the number of the fish they caught. The moral of the story is, no matter how successful or not their kids have been with what they do, their parents will always be proud of them.
Yes, it is definitely nice to be the best at a certain thing, may it be at school, sports, extracurricular activities, etc. But what if your child doesn’t meet your expectations? Would you be frustrated? Disappointed? What really matters is that your child tried, the experience s/he’s gained and the lessons s/he’s learned.
Masyado natin pinepressure mga anak natin, na hindi na nila magawang ma-enjoy ang childhood nila, ang buhay nila. Bilang magulang, sasabihin natin na, “gusto ko lang naman yung best para sa mga anak ko”. But, you have to let them be children. Minsan lang sila bata. May mga bagay na hindi natututunan sa classroom.
Grades? Numbers lang yan? Di yan basehan ng pagkatao, di din yan basehan ng kung ano ang maabot ng tao sa buhay.

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  1. Hello Mommy Ciara!thanks for writing this..Its a very well said…I have known a lot of parents out there that pressured their children too much.As a mom, i will not let that to happen to my daughter.Am just being here,guiding and teaching her.

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