The heat is on! Summer is here! How are you coping with the intense heat? Hehe. Everybody surely want to make most out of summer. So for your summer outings, or just for your everyday lives, TupperWare is once here again to save us in beating summer.

Here’s a list of your summer essentials by TupperWare.

First off, Cool Splash powder. It is a cooling powder that has Salscent Fragrance capsules. Salscent activates when you start to sweat and gives you long lasting freshness. It comes in 4 variants, Sunny Yellow, Energizing Green, Zestful Purple and Cool Blue. I’ve tried Zestful Purple and Cool Blue. Zestful Purple has a sweet floral scent, while the cool blue has a cool fresh-y scent.

Regular price is 240 pesos each, or you can purchase any 2 for only 299 pesos. That’s 181 peso savings!

Next, Fruty Body Mist. Give your body that oompppff scent that will make heads turn as you pass by. Fruty Body Mist comes in four variants, too – Happy Orange, Sexy Apple, Intense Grape and Sweet Peach. Regular price is 380 pesos each, or 169 each if you buy 2. You are gonna save up 461 pesos.

I like pairing the Fruty Body Mist Intense Grape with Fruty Intense Grape lipstick. Summer is about being colorful, right? So, get those lips ready for pouting with these Fruty Delight Lipsticks. They’re smooth with satin finish.

For more vibrant look, I choose Fruty Sexy Apple Lipstick. Regular price is 199 but when you get 2 lipsticks, you’ll get the discounted price of 109 each.

Oh oh oh! And my favorite, Suncelle instant cooling skin spray. It’s made with Aloe Vera and it has sunscreen. It soothes, hydrates dry or sun damaged skin, and lastly, it cools! Oh this is definitely a must-have! It refreshes my skin and keeps me from looking haggard hehe.

Next up, Suncelle Sunscreen Body Lotion with collagen protect system. Collagen, as mentioned on my past blog post, is in charge of making our skin looking young. Suncelle Sunscreen Body Lotion has SPF 30, it’s water resistant, non greasy and equipped with Vitamin E.

Regular Price is 399, but hurry now as it’s discounted at a special price of 229 pesos only.

And last but definitely not the least, TuperWare’s expandable bag. It has a zipper in the middle section that allows you to expand it (when you unzip it) to carry more things with you whenever you are on a beach trip, staycation, etc. You can have it stay zipped if you are just out on regular errands.

It’s made from special fabric that allows you to just easily dust your bag off, even with sand whenever you are at the beach. I’d say, the things inside this bag won’t just get wet easily, because the special fabric of the bag is like a waterproof one. Regular price is 1099 pesos, but you can get it at a very low price of 349 pesos when you purchase 500 pesos worth of items from the April 2018 TupperWare Brands brochures.

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