Tired of going to the mall or your family’s usual hangout place? Or probably looking for a venue for your kid’s party? Well, we are. So glad that I learned about Fun Ranch.

Fun Ranch has 2 branches. One in Ortigas and the other in Alabang. We went to their Ortigas branch. Fun Ranch is a place where kids rule. It’s an events place, theme park and playdium – basically, all in one.

Come and join me as I give you a virtual tour of how our experience went out. Brace yourself, this is gonna get exciting.

First, we went to the Playdium. Playdium is a place where kids can safely explore around. This is such a great a place to develop kids’ imagination, gross motor, fine motor and cognitive skills. Plus, they get to interact with other kids.


The slides. My 4 year old nephew got to enjoy them the most


Everything is padded so I was able to put the worrier side of me to rest and just let Olivia crawl and play on her own.

They have this pretend play section which I find really cute. Great way to stimulate kids’ imagination.
Ball pitt for smaller kids
The have this Big Ball Pitt for bigger kids and adults, too. They have a specific height requirement for kids to be admitted here.
My husband and I tried this and hey, it was SOOOOO relaxing. My muscle pains were relieved. I felt like I went to the spa with those balls massaging my whole body.
Rates for the Playdium and Big Ball Pitt. We were in there for an hour but it seemed bitin. So, I recommend to get the unli play instead.
Socks are required in the Playdium and Ball Pitt. They do sell socks, too. And they are just too cute.


After playing in the Playdium and Big ball pitt, we ate merienda. But it’s more like a lunch (ang dami kasi hehe). The food is definitely delicious and sulit.

Super tender. This is the best barbeque I have ever tasted EVER
Even though I am not allowed to eat chicken (because Olivia’s having an allergic reaction most of the time) I wasn’t able to resist to try it out. It’s so juicy, tender and fresh. Gladly, Olivia didnt have any allergies afterwards
I remembered my childhood the moment I tasted it.
My all-time favorite. I am seriously desperate to recreate this.
This is the set menu that we ate and it’s for 4-6 pax. They have BIG servings. Would you believe that there were 8 of us who ate these and we were all full.


Fun Ranch also has party rooms. They have 9 in Ortigas and 6 in Alabang.

This is one of their function rooms, the Main Barn
The Main barn can accommodate up to 200 pax
It’s indeed styled to make look like a barn. This is perfect for animal lover kids
The kids have their special seats and tables

Each party room has a play area for the kids. This slide is just a portion of the said play area.

The biggest room can accommodate up to 570 pax with a basketball ring inside. WHOA! Unbelievable right? But Fun Ranch made it possible so kids will truly have the most unforgettable party.


We then went on to experience their rides. Their rides are much kid friendly compared to other theme parks which are meant for adults. We enjoyed a LOT. And I mean, A LOT.

A list of their rides

An evidence that they are complying with the safety standards. A helmet is a must for kids.
My husband accompanying my nephew. I wonder who enjoyed more, my husband or my nephew? He he


Everything else in there is kid friendly.

Teaches kids to throw their trash in the proper place. Teaches them segragation, too.

It lives by its name. Fun Ranch truly spells out FUN. I cant help but be nostalgic. I remembered my childhood and how fun it was to be innoncent and worry free. Fun Ranch is not only for kids. I think that among everybody else, it was me who enjoyed the most lol.

There’s no entrance fee, you can either purchase a ride-all-you-can ticket or single tickets for each ride.

They also have a nurse on duty for the whole place. Another plus is the great service. Their staff will treat you with respect, importance and serve with smiles on their faces.

With the one who made our visit possible, Ms. Ana Del Rosario, Marketing Manager. Thank you, Ms. Ana. You are absolutely accommodationg and fun to be with.

For events or parties, book with them now. Undoubtedly great food and great place. Guaranteed extraordinary and exciting party. You may reach them at these numbers

0917 518 3997, 0918 917 3985, 706 3019, 706 2887 and 687 2870 for more info, you may visit their website www.kidsrulehere.com

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