As parents, we are in-charge of our kids’ lives, teach them everything and mould their characters. However, we also are afraid of things/activities that might hurt them. You know what, I, myself, is guilty of restraining my kid sometimes. I’m afraid of her getting bruises, getting in contact with germs, getting her head bumped, etc. But, I learned how to let go. I let her play on the floor, get dirty and explore the world. Besides, kids learn best when they play. It’s also how she’ll learn certain skills such as sharing, team playing and interacting with other people.

I am pretty sure that all moms share this paranoia of getting their kids lost or hurt. Not anymore. Now, mothers can let their kids play to their hearts desire while keeping a close eye on them as growing up milk Friso Four launches the Friso Watch. IT IS THE FIRST IN THE PHILIPPINES

Joy Mendoza with daughter Tiana
Tiana and Catalina Mendoza

Kids may wear the Friso Watch and be free to play while moms and dads use the Child Tracker to monitor where they are. Even when they’re at school, fieldtrip or playmate’s home.

It has these amazing features:

  • Voice calling function that allows parents and kids to call each other whenever they want.
  • Smart Locator to track your kid’s location anywhere around the globe.
  •  A Safe Zone function where parents can assign their child’s commonly-visited areas on the watch (like their school or a friend’s house) so that they can be notified in case their child leaves these areas.
  • SOS function that kids may use to send alarms to their primary or secondary contact in a moment of distress.
  • Take Me Home feature
  • Scheduler
  • Exercise Tracker and a lot more.

It is modeled after smartwatches from leading tech companies and allows kids to play while the watch sends updates to parents via the app on the parents’ phones. Parents just have to download the POMO Waffle App on their mobile phones, pair it with the watch, sync and TA-DA, the FRISO watch is ready to use.

The Friso Watch is not only great for parents, but also for their young ones. Through the watch, kids can understand responsibility, express creativity, and exercise their independence. It also allows them to freely play and make new friends while letting parents have a certain level of security. The watch is a parent’s little helper, making looking after kids easier through its safety features.

Smartwatches usually cost at least 10,000 pesos. But you can get this super cute smartwatch for FREE. 

Available exclusively with purchases of Friso Four from September 1 to December 31, 2017 at Mercury Drug Store, the FrisoWatch is every mom’s modern gadget from heaven.

To avail of the Friso Watch, parents must first get a Friso Card through any of the following options:

  1. The Friso Nutritionists at selected Mercury Drug Stores
  2. The Friso Customer Service Hotline (632-1122 or 0917-77-FRISO (37476)
  3. Selected pediatrician’s offices.

Friso Cards must then be registered at to qualify for the promo. Once the card is registered, parents can get the Friso Watch with every purchase of twelve 900gram tins of Friso Four (single-receipt or accumulated purchase) within the promo period. Registered Friso Card must be presented with every Friso Four purchase.

Friso Four is the growing up milk that supports children’s natural defenses as they discover the world. With Friso Four, parents can let their children explore, make new friends, and play free while being assured that children are protected from diseases. Made in the Friesland, the dairy capital of the Netherlands, Friso Four is enriched with high levels of calcium for strong bones plus other nutrients. Its LockNutri Technology also preserves milk’s natural minerals while canning, making every wholesome glass nutrient-rich for growing kids. As Friso says, Made by nature, made better by science.

Just look at my 4-year old nephew with Friso Four. We’re assured that he’s happy, protected and providing him the nutrients he needs.

The launch of the Friso Watch was attended by big bosses of Friso, bloggers and the very beautiful and sweet endorser, Joy Mendoza. Her kids, Tiana and Catalina were also there. Such smart and beautiful kids nurtured and homeschooled by their mom with Friso by her side.

Stuff like this, makes parenting easier, eases worry and gives parents’ a peace of mind. Thank you, Friso.










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