FOODSTAGRAM: Tips on how to take great food photos using your phone’s camera

As a blogger, we usually use DSLR’s to shoot. What others do not know, is I use my phone’s cam for some of the photos I post on my blog (aside from the photos that I post on my social media accounts – Instagram and Facebook.)

Of course, the photos I take have to be instagrammable. Those OOTDs, family photos, staycations, landscapes and food I post have to be double tap worthy.

Months ago, I used to post anything I fancy on IG. But what made me realize, that as a blogger, my IG feed has to look appealing, and follow-worthy. So, I started to post only the photos that I find really nice.

I’ll be sharing my secrets on how to take great food shots.


1. Lighting – Lighting is everything. You cannot take good photos with poor lighting. Always opt for natural light.

2.Angle- Look for the best angle. You can try shooting at different angles until you find the perfect one. If models have their best angles, so does your food. Do not be afraid to experiment.


3. Details – The details of your food have to be seen in your photos. You have to deliver to your audience the same way you see it in actual. The way it’s presented, its aesthetics, its size, color and details. Your goal is to make your audience drool over it.

4. Props – You may add some props as well – knife, fork, chopsticks, salt, pepper, or other condiments and utensils for more aesthetic appeal.

5. Ultimately, enjoy your food 🙂

So, there. Those are my personal tips in taking those restaurant-menu-kind-of-food photos. But, another question is, which OPPO #SelfieExpert smartphone is the best for foodies and is great for taking photos with their yummy meals? Why?

I must say that it’s the OPPO  F3. Well, aside from its dual selfie cameras – 16MP for selfie with extra large pixels, it also comes with one double view group selfie camera that is perfect for selfie with your whole table full of food and even groufies.


It also features a 13MP rear camera. That rear camera is ultra HD to capture those tiny details of your food (remember, details are important)


It also has an anti-shake 2.0 feature so your photos won’t appear blurry despite the fact that you’re shaking because of excitement upon seeing your delish food.

F3 also has an expert mode that you can use to take those ultra great food shots even at night.


And can you just see that sleek design? It’s smooth texture makes it very pleasurable to hold. It’s undeniable that it’s finely crafted. So chic!

You won’t have to bring a DSLR with you every where you go just so you can take mouth-watering food photos. OPPO F3 sure can do the job.



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