Great Mom In The Making by Fisher Price and Baby Company

Olivia had a lot of fun playing around with Fisher Price's developmental toys

August 22-26 was a week long discounted selling of Fisher Price toys, the number one baby toy brand in the world at SM Fairview. Lots of discounted toys up to 30% off. Uh-huh! If you’re a mom, the word “sale gives you this electrifying feeling especially when it’s kids’ stuff.

August 26 was made more special for expecting moms. Fisher Price together with Baby Company had a very special event – Great Mom in the making: An event for expectant moms.

It was a day of workshop, expert talks, games, raffles and giveaways for the soon-to-be moms.

With Ms. Janine Canono of Richprime Global Inc.

It was a toy haven. I couldn’t stop myself from looking at the toys. Fisher-Price gives us toys for our babies’ best possible start. Kids learn best when they play. Thus, toys help nurture their developments. And for more than 80 years, Fisher-Price has been helping families with that job.

Each toy has its age appropriate label and the kind of skills it develops are also specified.

There are three pillars of development: physical, cognitive, social/emotional development. And Fisher-Price toys help our kids grow these.

The soon-to-be moms all look dashing and glowing. All of them excited to see their little ones. I suddenly missed my baby bump hehe

Dra. Colleen Viray, Developmental – Behavioral Pediatrician at The Medical City shared her expertise. It was the highlight of the workshop. She shared the importance of quality time over the quantity spent with our kids, how to choose books, toys and kind of play appropriate for kids’ age, and the practice of PRIDE skills during play to name a few.

PRIDE means:

Praise for good behavior

Reflect or repeat your child’s language

Imitate play activities

Describe the play


There were also games for the expecting moms. They were asked to design a bib and we, the bloggers, were the judges. They all made wonderful creations with love.

There were other games and raffles and the beautiful preggos went home with lots of loots.

Now, I am pretty sure that they are all so excited to use these and are most excited to see their little ones. Good luck, lovely moms ๐Ÿ™‚




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