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Fight the bite! Fight mosquitoes with Akari Mosquito Killers

Mosquito is one of the deadliest animal on Earth. They are tiny yet they carry a lot of diseases such as dengue, Zika virus and malaria to name a few.

The Department of Health declared national epidemic recently as the number of dengue cases in the country is on the rise. From January 1 to August 31 of this year, the total number of reported dengue cases is 271,480! That is very alarming! And as parents, we want to protect our kids by all means necessary.

We use mosquito repellent lotion or spray, anti-mosquito patch, we diffuse citronella oil, etc. Aside from those, electric mosquito killers are also effective in getting rid of those pesky mosquitoes. 

I have got here an Akari heavy duty mosquito killer that lures mosquitoes and flies with its ultraviolet rays. And the moment they get in contact with the product, they will be zapped by an electric grid up to 2200 volts.

This is the Akari horizontal mosquito killer, they also have a vertical one to save space at home.

Coverage of these mosquito zappers is 300 square feet. The working life of the UV lamps last up to 15,000 hours. Replacing the UV lamps, though, is very easy.

This type is ideal for indoor use. But we also use them outdoors whenever we have barbeque nights.

How to use?

Place it in dark areas of the house, humid corners, near indoor plants. Please keep in mind that its coverage is 300 square feet or 27 square meters.

There are also other products Akari offer that helps get rid of mosquitoes. They have got a mosquito trapper (this just traps the mosquito inside it and doesn’t kill them) recommended for commercial establishments or light sleepers.

There is also this mosquito bulb – a mosquito killer and regular bulb in one. It is dual purpose, ergo, saves electricity.

Protect your loved ones and fight the bite with Akari mosquito killers!

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