Two well known figures took their lives this week. That just supports the fact that depression can hit on anybody – no matter how rich, successful and famous you are.

We have all experienced loneliness but for some, it could be a lot difficult to bear, hence, depression. Depression is no joke. Again, it’s NO JOKE.

Most likely, you won’t notice people struggling from depression, I mean, they won’t be asking for help. And when they do (or passively ask for it), please HELP them. Don’t tell them it’s arte lang ‘yan, ka-emo-han, or papansin (drama queen/king, emo, or attention seeker)Help them. You could be the person that’d save them from taking their own life.

Taking your own life isn’t the answer, though. It shall never be an option. But someone struggling with depression, especially the ones feeling at their lowest will think the other way around – The verge where they think suicide is the answer.


If you are reading this and if you are suffering from depression, talk to someone, and write and enumerate all the REASONS WHY NOT take your own life. It’ll help. If you have 13 reasons why take your own life, think of more reasons why not.

I know a mom who was on the brink of taking her own life. If you knew her, you wouldn’t think that she had thoughts of suicide because she always looks happy and light on the outside.

One night she was at her lowest, she held a knife against her wrist. Then she thought of her daughter, she had to think twice. She cannot leave her daughter, that’s what she thought. Then, she ran into her husband’s arms and realized how much she has in her life.
This mom felt so weak having the thoughts of what happened that night. She prayed and realized everything that she has got.

Hannah Baker’s (from Netflix original series 13 Reason’s Why) fate was the opposite. She ran a REASON WHY NOT to kill herself. But you know what, committing suicide should NOT have been an option to her. Everyone around her got devasted, her parents, especially her mom. Her mom was at her WORST. No parent can bear losing a child.

Everybody’s lives turned upside down. She could have been witness to a crime if she were alive. But she’s not, so how can justice be served? SUICIDE IS NEVER THE ANSWER. Let me rephrase that, SUICIDE IS NEVER AN OPTION.

If you are reading this and you feel that no one is there for you, please remember that God is always there for you. If you need someone to talk to, please seek people you know you can trust. DOH also has their 24/7 Hopeline (02) 804-HOPE (4673) if you’re in the Philippines. For those residing in USA, text REASON to 741741 or Dial 1-800-273-8255.

Or, please feel free to talk to me, to us. My husband and I are here for you. DM us. Just venting it all out makes a difference. Don’t be scared to. I should know cause my husband suffers from anxiety attacks and he’s prone to depression, and a single hug makes a huge difference. Reach out to someone. Suicide is not the answer ♥️ #FightDepression

Be kind to everybody, you do not know what’s happening in their lives, in their heads and in their hearts. Be kind, and you might be the one who could save them.

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