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Factors to consider in choosing your kid’s diaper | BabyLove diapers


You can never compromise anything about your kid – their food, clothes, shampoo, body wash, especially not their nappies. Whether your kid is a newborn, infant or toddler, their diapers should be the one you truly trust and believe in.

Newborn babies pee and poo several times a day to the extent that we would change their nappies 7-8 times a day. Their skin is most sensitive during this time – the time where they are literally new to this world. Hence, we should give them soft, non-irritating and absorbent diaper.

Infants, start to learn how to control their body parts. During this time, they would move around the bed, roll-over, crawl, etc. Yet again, they need soft, absorbent and secured on thighs and waist area to avoid pooplosions.

Toddlers, they are the “energy balls” also known as tiny-human-beings-with-unlimited-energy haha( I should know ‘cause my kid is a toddler hehe)

Even though they’re the oldest amongst these categories, they, too, need soft nappies as their skin still is sensitive. They pee a lot more and poo a lot more, too. Moreover, since they’re the most active, we cannot let wet and icky diapers stop them from exploring the world around them, good air flow and good absorbency is a great factor in choosing the right brand for them.

These are the things parents consider in finding the right diaper brand for their little ones. Different ages mean different needs and BabyLove diapers sure is perfect for babies of any stage. Everything aforementioned – secure on waist and thigh areas, cottony soft, non-irritating, absorbent, good air flow – can be found in BabyLove diapers.

BabyLove diapers, a brand from Thailand, is now a hit in the Philippines since it was made available here. Mommies trust BabyLove diapers. The brand has been doing a lot of promotion and sale recently. Good news! On 21-24 MAY, BabyLove has collaboration with Similac Gainschool. When buying any BabyLove diapers, you will also receive sample of Similac Gainschool as well as a voucher discount for the next purchase of Ensure, Pediasure and Similac with the value of P350.


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