Halloween is almost here! Do you or your kids have costumes yet? You might want to check these DIY tips to unleash the inner monsters in you and be head turners during the party.

First off, if you’re hosting the party, here are some games you could include on your list inspired by the Boss Baby and Super Monsters:

For decors, you could have the theme of Larva or Boss Baby just by using cups or ties.

Now, for the costumes

Boss Baby game, Boss Baby decor, why not dress up like the Boss Baby himself, too?

Be Drac Shadows by simply using a red cape, fangs and styling your hair.

Be like these cute curious worms by using a blanket and straw. I can seriously imagine my Olivia in this haha

Now, what is a party without snacks? Here are some ideas your guests will surely love.

Easy peasy, huh? Dress up like these Netflix characters and be frightful and delightful this Halloween.

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