Situated in the heart of the vibrant Eastwood City, Eastwood Richmonde Hotel definitely provides an all-within-minutes-walk-reach for its guests. Luxury, comfort and convenience all in one place.

Guests can have a stroll around the shopping and leisure establishments and go back to their hotel rooms in a heartbeat.

There’s also an access from the hotel to Eastwood mall which is great for business or leisure travelers or for staycationers even.

Now, let me show you the grandeur of Eastwood Richmonde Hotel.

The warm ambiance of the lobby will instantaneously set a pampering feel of your stay at the hotel.

Spectacular interiors, indeed.

Their Front Desk staff sure are friendly and professional. Ms. Sarah was the one who processed our check-in and check-out and she was so efficient with it. Guests need not have to wait for too long.


We then headed to our room. And to our surprise, our room’s HUGE! ENORMOUS! Really. “Ooohhhh’s” can be heard from us because of our amazement with the room. I remembered my husband saying, “a part of me will be left here once we check-out”. He doesn’t say that often, not unless he feels a “home”.

Just look at how spacious it is. This is a Deluxe room, so can you just imagine how big their 2-bedroom suite is.
Don’t you just want to dive onto that bed? That king sized bed with plush beddings and ultra soft pillows guarantee that you’ll be cocooned in relaxation.

The lighting also adds up to utmost tranquility.

There was a sweet welcome note on the bed. Thank you, Ms. Annie Dioso 🙂
Look at that desk. I was able to squeeze in some work. Actually, I was tempted to because the desk lured me haha. We also asked for a cot for Olivia and she’s quite happy with it.

The room also has its own iron and ironing board. No need to call the front desk and request for one.

Apparently, the bathroom is huge, too.
Comes with bathtub


We were booked on the 38th floor, so apparently, we had a very nice view of the city.
And just look at them, obviously, they’re enjoying the view. They even watched the birds flying around.


The hotel’s beauty gets more emphasized at night when the lights lit up.


The hotel’s facilities allow the guests to get the most out of their stay.

The pool is located at the roof top (39th floor). We swam at night and we were just enticed with the pool’s lights. The lighting sets the mood and gives the luxurious feel.

The lights change from blue to green to purple

This is what the pool looks like in the morning. So refreshing and calming. Perfect to beat the heat.

Photo credits to Eastwood Richmonde Hotel


Photo credits to Eastwood Richmonde Hotel

The Fitness Center is spacious with complete exercise machines and gym equipment with professional gym trainer’s assistance. These are free for guests but Fitness Center Memberships for individuals and groups are also available.


Should a guest need a spa for rejuvenation or a haircut for a new look, they need not to go else where. A massage spa and a salon can be found at the 2nd floor.



We had our gourmet dinner at The Lounge. It was the first time that my husband and I had dined out alone together for almost a year. And It was perfect. It was memorable for the both us. The lights, setting and most especially the food were perfect for a romantic dinner date.

Triple Treat Mushroom Soup. Shiitake, button and oyster mushroom cream soup – Perfect to warm our tummies up. Loved the consistency and flavor.
Caesar Salad. Romaine lettuce tossed in special dressing smothered with crispy bacon bits, parmesan cheese and croutons – You’ll definitely ask for more of this,
Southern Style Fried Chicken. Old-fashioned American fried chicken served with potato wedges and corn on the cob – This classic American dish is super yummy and super crispy
Rib Eye Steak. Flavored in burgundy red wine sauce, served with cheese, broccoli and baked potato – I had its doneness medium and it’s just perfect. It’s full of flavor and I’d say, no matter what the doneness, it’d still be perfect. Plus, the broccolis and cheese are perfect sides to this.
This baked cheesecake is simply spot on! No other words. I am literally craving right now.
We were served by Ms. Lara. She’s knowledgeable and was so courteous.


We had buffet at the Eastwood Cafe for our Lunch prior to our check-in. They call it Sunday Family Lunch Buffet.

It stands by its name, it is actually perfect for families. Look, they even had our photo taken and gave us a copy. Such a sweet gesture.

We also ate breakfast at the Eastwood Cafe. Food’s absolutely delish. You can choose from variety of food. They serve Filipino, American, Asian, and Italian cuisine.

Food’s yummy. Some of my personal favorites are the baked mussels (I ate like ten of those hehe) with oozing cheese,  the roast beef which was super tender, the kare-kare, pancakes, waffles, pasta and omelette. Oh did I mention that they have these “create-your-own” sections for pasta and omelette? You get to choose the ingredients and they’ll cook it on the spot for you the way you want it and serve on your table.


Richmonde Hotel is also quite well-known for its banquet facilities. Just in one day, I was able to witness two events, one’s a wedding in the afternoon and the other was a debut in the evening.

With Richmonde’s stylish design, sophistication, facilities, comfort and top-notch service, it is no wonder that a lot have been patronizing their brand.


You can call it your second home. It’s like, you can tour around the city and retire into your hotel room. The comfort the room gives is undeniable plus the magnificent view of the city. No matter how exhausted you are, once you freshen up in the bathtub or just stretch those muscles on the bed, you’ll immediately feel relaxed and would want to chill on that cozy bed and super soft pillows.

Definitely, one of the best hotels! If I’d rate it 1-10, 10 being the highest, I’d say it’s a 10. No reason to go below 10.

We enjoyed our stay and we’ll surely come back. Having said that, we might as well try Richmonde Ilo-ilo come the time that we’ll visit my In-law’s hometown.

For bookings, please call Eastwood Richmonde Hotel at (632) 570-7777

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