Denenes (read as De-ne-nes or Deh-neh-ney) means “For Babies” is a trademark specializing in hygiene and child care. Product line includes colognes, shampoo, bath gels, lotions, sun protectors and moisturizers. All Denenes products have been tested under dermatological and pediatric control.

Denenes has been in the market since 1955, the reason why the name does sound familiar to you.

Denenes products have gentle formulation, tried and tested by dermatologist, and are in ergonomic and playful packaging.

Suitable for all babies because it’s paraben free, mild, neutral PH, strengthens skin’s defences, and products contain ingredients perfectly suitable for baby’s skin and hair.

Whether your baby is a newborn, infant, toddler, preschooler or gradeschooler, Denenes products are perfect for them. And ofcourse, whether you are a highschool or college student, young professonal, adult or retiree, the mildness of Denenes will surely give you the perfect scent and care for your hair and skin.

My Olivia, being a toddler is very curious with everything going on around her. She is so malikot and makulit already. She’d get sweaty and maasim. I miss that newborn/infant scent she used to have.

My baby has atopic dermatitis, ergo, I am keen with the products I use on her skin and hair.

I’ve been using Denenes shampoo, body wash and cologne on her for almost a month already, and she really smells so good. Everything is mild for her skin, and her eczema stopped appearing, in fact, her skin is now soft and smooth. Definitely muy suave!

Cologne 600ml
Helps maintain natural smoothness of baby’s skin and hair. With 100% natural essential oils, notes of rosemary, lavender and verbena.

Cologne 125ml
Small bottle will fit even the smallest pouch

Cologne Spray 200ml
New Format in Spray, hand carry-on size

Nenes Felices 200ml
A beautiful glass bottle in a gift box. With lemon, tangerine and orange blossom fragrance for a fresh, clean and happy scent.

Very Mild Body Wash 650ml
Strengthens skin defences and moisturizing

Very Mild Shampoo 500ml
Contains a micro emulsion that softens hair, derivative of olive oil and aloe vera. Mositurizing as it has panthenol and natural asset derive from sugarcane.

Now, since babies have sensitive sense of smell, I stopped wearing perfume/cologne even before I gave birth to my kid. But now, I can wear Denenes cologne wherever I go. I can now smell good even just at home. My husband loves smelling me, too hehe.

Denenes is definitely for babes at any age!

Available in Landers, S&R, Rustan’s, Landmark, SM Supervalue, Baby Planet, SM Hypermarket, Watsons, Shopwise.

For more info, please visit Denenes Philippines on Facebook


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