Before I got married, I was a corporate slave. I was earning roughly 30k a month (less taxes and all what’s left for me plays around 26k). I was a rank and file employee so that’s a relatively fair amount.

Come the time that I became a Mrs. I quit my job. I wanted to spend time with my husband and enjoy the moment of being a newly wed.

Nearly 4 months after our wedding, we found out that we were pregnant. So, I decided not to go back to the corporate world and focus on becoming a mom.

I, then started to work at home. I was on a commission basis. So for the first few months, I was earning at least 15k (after taxes) a month. That’s half of what I was earning before. However, I ended up saving a lot more.

Let’s find out how:

Expenses per month (as an office girl)

Gas – 8000

Parking – 3400

Toll – 3400

Food (i bring baon most of the time) – 2000

Total expenses – 16,800

Money left after expenses – 9,200

Now, I do not get to save all that. Of course, I also have to buy and spend on stuff for myself and my family. Often times, I live paycheck to paycheck.


Let us also look into the hours I spend going to work.

Preparation – 1h

Travel time to work – 1.5 – 2hrs (depends on how heavy the traffic is)

Working time – 10hrs (including breaks)

Travel time going home – 1.5 – 2hrs (depends on how heavy the traffic is)

Total – 14-15hrs

Hours left for personal life- 9-10hrs.



Let us compare it to working at home

Electricity – 500

Gas (well, I have to go to places sometimes) – 2000

Toll – 500

Food – 0

Total expenses – 3000

Money left after expenses – 12,000


The best part is, my working hours is very flexible. I only get to work 3 to 5 hours a day.

Hours left for personal life- 19-21hrs.


Not to be bragging, but with God’s grace, we are earning more now, at least about thrice. My husband and I are helping each other out. He works in their family business, does buy and sell and does designs (he’s an artist). I, on the other hand, does the marketing for my parents’ business and is into cultivating my newly found passion (blogging).

Now, that’s how life is supposed to. You spend time with your family – with the important people in your life. Your career won’t be there forever. You cannot take money with you when you die. People from your work won’t care how much time you’ve dedicated there.

As long as you are sustaining the needs of your family, you can leave comfortably, doing what you love, then, you are doing it right.

So, why daig ng madiskarte ang matalino?

I see people working collared jobs but are often exhausted, unhappy and are living paycheck to paycheck (like I did).

However, I know some, who do not work in an air conditioned office but instead they do other stuff and use their skills. And at the end of every month, earns a lot more.

Another example would be a basketball player who used to fail in school.

He now earns at least 100k a month compared to their top notcher working as a manager who earns 60k a month.

Another example would be a YouTube Vlogger. Say for instance, this Vlogger has now thousands of subscribers and now earns AT LEAST 10k a week, 40k a month. He was once condemned for not working. But now, he is earning relatively huge amount just by making videos and posting them online. That’s diskarte.

Now, I am not belittling anyone. In fact, I put my hands down to every single working person. I have much respect especially to our farmers, kasambahay, policemen, firemen, cleaners, traffic enforcers – basically everyone. What I am pointing out, is the fact that what you would become in life is how you will find means to living it.

It’s just I do not find it fair when people think that some are not exerting any effort simply because they do not see them going regularly to the office (or the other way around for that matter). I wanted to give some justice to people who are making most of their skills.

Cheers to all freelancers, small business owners, working at home and all the madiskarte people.



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