We just love to change our haircolors every now and then, right? We want to try something new, we want to look different from time to time. Like me, I wanted to achieve granny hair or unicorn hair. With Cospray Haircolor spray, I can achieve that look in a matter of minutes.

Just look at my silver hair here, It’s like I’m Storm from X-Men (just a mum version, though haha)

Cospray is the best and only choice for washable hairspray. Cospray, unlike a lot of color hairsprays in the market, is derma-tested, safe, hypoallergenic and paraben free. Safe for kids. So trust only Cospray

Yes, safe for kids! I definitely attest to that. Here’s my nephew, who’s like my own kid, being extra cute for his school Christmas party. He’s only 5, and he can finally change his look and haircolor whenever he wants.

And oh, he’s skin is actually sensitive but he did not feel a single itch with the cospray on. Definitely safe for kids!

Kids and kids at heart can finally use something safe to change their haircolors in an instant!

Cospray is avalable in 7 colors – green, violet, gold, red, pink, silver and blue. So many choices to choose from.

Cospray haircolor spray is available at Toys R Us, Toy Kingdom, Puregold, Landmark, Mercury Drug, PCX and Lazada.


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