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College of Saint Benilde, bagsakan ng mga bagsak!

When people would ask me where I graduated from, the common notion I would receive from them after giving them the answer is, “Ah, Benilde! Bagsakan ng mga Bagsak”

Let me enlighten you what Benilde really is and what it truly offers. De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde, commonly known as Benilde or CSB is not bagsakan ng mga kick-out.

  1. Flashback to year 1988, De La Salle University-College of Saint Benilde was established to accommodate working students who wanted to continue with their college education. Bet those who call us “bagsakan” didn’t know this.
  2. There is NO DUPLICATION of the college courses offered in DLSU-Manila and CSB. It’s like comparing apples to oranges, eh?

    © CSB
  3. Benilde nurtures students to develop their passions, interests, and trains them to become professionally competent. The way of learning in Benilde comes in many forms -spiritual creative pursuits, artistic endeavors, etc. Hence, Benilde is known for one of its flagship degree program, Design and Arts. Have you seen that modern, out-of-the-box building we have? That’s the building of our artists, what we commonly know as SDA.
  4. Professors are well capacitated. You just have to drop by sometime and see how “Halimaw” they are with their talents, knowledge and experience. That’s one of the reasons why students in Benilde excels after graduation.
  5. Students get two degrees. One degree is not enough for students taking International Hospitality Management. They get Philippine and French Bachelor’s degrees and benefit from Vatel International’s worldwide network of schools upon graduation
  6. The first school in the Philippines to have operating hotel and school simultaneously.
  7. Students are moulded well with values making them extraordinary well.

Calling Benilde “bagsakan” is an insult to the College, to its professors, students and parents,  and administrators of the College.

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