How to Dress Sophisticated as a Mom

Many new moms struggle to find the time to take care of themselves. They devote every waking moment to the new addition to the family and have to catch some sleep when they can. This can often mean that when they are getting themselves ready, it feels like they have been thrown together, and they do not feel too good about the way they look. This can continue for many months, and even sometimes until the baby is a toddler................

Self-application Make-Up Workshop

Upgrade your makeup skills.This beauty workshop is ideal for young professionals,bloggers, mommies, entrepreneurs, junior students,or just anyone who would like to learn the skills of makeup application for personal use.

Fashionista OOTD’s from Baby Dolls Couture

When you've got a little girl, it's just too tempting to dress them up. It's like you have a real-life doll. You get obsessed over cute clothes for the little one........And if you just wanted the same dress, well, you can go twinning with your kid as well...