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Ten 90s game to teach your kids

These games develop their imagination, cognitive, fine and gross motor skills, emotional and social skills. They will also get to learn the value of sharing, caring, and being a good sport. Plus, they'll get to learn how life works. They will grasp the concept that life will sometimes knock you down, but no matter how hard it gets you, you have to get up and try harder to be better. These are the skills and learnings that no app can ever teach our kids.
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How to beat the casino

...the sounds and colorful effects the slots bring when you win triggers your brain to play more so you can see more of those as well. It was meant to be that way to entice you to play more even after winning..
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DIY sensory bottles

So, instead of buying new toys every now and then (not to mention, toys are pretty expensive), I decided to do them myself. Plus, she'll learn various things from these by using her senses.
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