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Want to see wild animals without having the fear of being eaten? Or teleport to different place and time? Art In Island is the place to be

We, the spectators, decide what we wanted to portray or what story to tell by posing with these artworks and capturing them on camera. Thus, it creates the illusion that these paintings are coming to life. Basically, this museum makes us appreciate art pieces and at the same time making us directors and actors of our own stories.
Mommy Diaries VisitsReviews

Fun Ranch – Kids Rule Here

It lives by its name. Fun Ranch truly spells out FUN. I cant help but be nostalgic. I remembered my childhood and how fun it was to be innoncent and worry free. Fun Ranch is not only for kids. I think that among everybody else, it was me who enjoyed the most
Mommy Diaries VisitsReviews

Church and Events Place

What sets them apart is that they are situated just across each other. Another plus side is once you book them, you are going to have them all for yourselves as they are located in an exclusive village.
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