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Can’t Travel? Feel Like You’re in Japan with One Spray

What’s on your travel bucket list? I bet, Japan is on it. Aside from the food, culture, tradition and tourist spots, cherry blossoms or Sakura is one of Japan’s main attractions.

We have been wanting to go to Japan. And just yesterday, my daughter and husband tried to persuade me to turn the Japan trip into a reality. However, we just can’t now due to the unfortunate things happening around the globe – COVID-19.

But, as I am a madiskarteng nanay, I came up with an idea and had to make do with what we have at home while we are in quarantine.

The sense of smell is highly emotive. Different scents can give us different feelings, moods, and can bring back memories. For instance, lemon can make us feel energized, lavender can help us get better sleep, and the scent of pandesal can bring back childhood memories.

The day is saved, thanks to the all-new Glade Sakura & Waterlily air freshener and scented gel! We can have Japan-feels in an instant.

I just sprayed the Glade Sakura & Waterlily (which is, by the way, now easier to spray), popped the scented gel open, and ta-da! It was like we were transported to Japan in a matter of seconds — it felt like we were actually under a blooming sakura tree.  

Aahhh! Seriously our home smells so nice now!  Thank you, #GladeSakura! It’s the refresh my family and home needed after more than two months in quarantine.

Want to go on a ‘trip’ to Japan, or do you just want to refresh the ambiance and mood of your home? Try the new Glade Sakura & Waterlily fragrance. The scent is available in Aerosol and Scented Gel. You can leave the Scented Gel in an area you want to keep fresh all day like the bathroom, and then keep the aerosol handy for everywhere else in the house.

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