BrickCon.Ph 2019 | BIGGEST Lego event | Kids below 7 are FREE!

Who doesn’t love Lego? Almost all of the kids – boy or girl – are into Lego.

What’s not to love about it? It’s colorful, gets you busy for minutes, hours even, and it just gets you hooked.

Benefits of Lego for kids include development of imagination, creativity, problem solving, mathematical skills, planning, persistence and fine motor skills.

And as parents, we support our kids with their likes. When they’re happy, we’re happy.

Quite a number of adults, though, are Lego enthusiasts, too.

These are the reasons why Lego bazaars, events and the like are a big hit not only in our country, but globally.

The other week, we went to Meet and Brick 10, and Block screening of Lego Movie 2 in Fisher Mall Quezon City.

The event was organized by none other than the “Brick Traders’ Club” (BTC), a group of LEGO® Builders, Traders, Collectors and Enthusiasts who aim to expand the Filipino LEGO® Community through various fun and exciting LEGO® events all over the country.

At the Meet and Brick 10

These are just some of the Lego we saw at the Meet and Brick 10.

Now, the next BIGGEST Lego event, also organized by Brick Traders’ Club,  is about to happen this March 16, 2019, 10AM to 9PM, at Fisher Mall Expo Hall in Quezon City. It is the grandest gathering of Lego Fans in the metro. It is dubbed as “BrickCon.Ph 2019″

The said event aims to convene Lego lovers of all ages in one large venue where they can all engage with each other, see and explore various Lego displays built by local Lego builders.

Entrance fee is 120 pesos only and it comes with LOOT BAG!!! Kids below 7 years old are FREE!!! Awesome, right?

Get your tickets at the event itself or at Ticket2Me.

There’ll also be trading and buying Lego bricks, sets, minifigures and other Lego merchandise from quite a number of brick sellers.

To top it all off, there’ll be exciting contests and raffles.

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Instagram Account: @bricktradersclub

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