After posting the breastfeeding room in Mall of Asia, a lot of my co-padede moms have been inforned that this haven exists in MoA. Others, even, are planning to visit it soon. Sure, it’s true that these lactation rooms can brighten up a breastfeeding mom’s day.

So, here’s another one that tops my list – the breastfeeding room in TriNoma. It’s located in the family lounge.

Let me give you a virtual tour 😊


The family lounge is exclusive for the following. This can be seen upon entering the said lounge. You can then ask the front desk for the nursing room.


This door then leads to the washroom and the lactation room


Upon entering, you’ll see the washroom to your right


To your left is the breastfeeding room. There’s a sink and changing table


To the left of the sink, you’ll see this (a few feet away). This is where I breastfed my baby the first time we went here.


View from the chair in the corner


Just a few feet away from the couch, you’ll see these three cubicles for a more private breastfeeding


So comfyyyyy.


Aahhh.. So relaxing. I even removed my shoes he he


See how happy I am? 😁 the chair’s perfect even for laid back position


There’s this beam, which I think, is there to hold your stuff he he


The cubicles are bigger than the other nursing rooms I’ve been to. The ambiance reminds me of Solaire’s Sky Tower. However, it would be better if the aircon’s temp would be a little bit lower. But still, thumbs up.

I’ll be posting more soon. So stay tuned ☺


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