When out, I really do look for nursing station so I can breastfeed my girl in private. Plus, she’s really malikot now and would tend to move the cover away from her head. But, if there’s none, I’d just pullout my nursing cover and strike anywhere (as long as Im in the corner he he)

The last time we went to MOA, my Olivia got hungry while we were shopping for toys in the department store. I asked for the nursing station, and I was amazed how cozy it is.


Upon entering


How spacious


I was able to put my things on the rack beside the comfy chair. Perfect for a relaxing nursing session with bub.


They even have sinks and diaper changing area



This room is definitely a piece of heaven for breastfeeding moms. So clean, so cozy, the ambience is absolutely relaxing and the staff are really friendly. One of the best nursing rooms Ive been to.

This is located in the department store near Baby Company


    1. Hi, mommy Jen. Oh wow. I haven’t been in their bf room yet. I usually go there for a diaper change hehe. Thanks for the info. Ill go check and feature it soon.

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