We went to Divisoria weeks ago to buy some stuff for my daughter’s first birthday party. As we do not have a yaya, my husband and I had to take our daughter in tow (well, she’s in tow all the time. I just cannot leave her behind).

I fed and nursed her before leaving the house. Upon arriving, I tried to nurse her before going out of the car but she refused. So, we went on and shopped. We were almost done shopping but she got hungry. Of course, a mama will not wait for her baby to cry before offering her her food, so we looked for a place where I can nurse her.

My husband thought that a mall nearby, Lucky Chinatown mall, would have a breastfeeding room. So we went there. And thankfully, there is and it is a life saver! hehe

Reading materials

With sink
I was actually sitting on a different chair until I saw that these white ones are rocking chairs. I transferred and enjoyed rocking it (very gently) while nursing my baby.
There’s a water dispenser but no water. I don’t know, maybe there are days when there is, probably during weekends? We went there on a weekday.

There are 10 chairs (it’s quite a number) that can accommodate moms to nurse/pump comfortably.

It’s not a sophisticated nursing room that has couches, foot rests, cubicles, changing tables and all, but where else would you find a breastfeeding room in Divisoria? This is way way way better than nursing in the restroom (unfortunately, I did breastfeed Olivia in the restroom couple of times already). Plus, you can get to relax those aching feet.

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