Breastfeeding has indeed a lot of benefits for both the mom and the baby. It has the complete nutrients for your baby’s needs. It has the perfect components from anti-bodies to the fat needs of your baby. It also lowers the risks of certain types of cancers for the mom and heart diseases, obesity in later years and a lot more for the baby. It’s also a good form of bonding, the skin-to-skin contact and eye contact makes your baby feel secure.

I, myself, is exclusively breastfeeding my dear daughter up to this date. She’s now 7 months old and thank God she only caught fever twice (and mind you, the fever only lasted for 8 hours).

She doesn’t know how to drink from a bottle. So, even when we’re out, I have to feed her directly (feeding her directly is also a matter of personal choice as I find it a great form of bonding). I’d just go to a nursing station and feed her there. But if there’s none, I’d just grab my nursing cover and feed her anywhere we are.

Others breastfeed in public without a cover on, but who cares? They’re babies are hungry. Even the Pope said that mothers can go breastfeed their babies inside a church just like how Mary breastfed Jesus.

In this society, people are judgmental and full of malice. Others may  even shame a breastfeeding mother and I don’t understand where they’re coming from. I am not afraid to be shamed because of breastfeeding my baby in public. In fact, I might turn things around and public shame them instead (lol. just kidding), but seriously, I might take it as an opportunity to inform them the benefits of breastfeeding. Besides, there is a law that states a mother can breastfeed her baby anytime, anywhere.

However, as for me, I do breastfeed in public but with a nursing cover on. I simply am not comfortable without it.Don’t get me wrong, though. I am a breastfeeding advocate, but I believe that my body is for my husband’s eyes only.

My purpose of feeding my child in public is simply to feed her. But others might see it as an opportunity to look at my private parts. People’s minds are polluted maybe because of how the media has evolved and how they wanted us to perceive things. There are certain forms of media that shows a lot of a woman’s skin, boobs and butts. Which in turn, made people’s minds corrupted and made breasts sexual when its real essence is to feed come the time a woman becomes a mother. On the contrary, if you show an innocent child a mama breastfeeding her baby, the child will simply say that the mum is feeding her baby because that is how the child sees it. No malice.

Well, each to their own. Others don’t bother breastfeeding without a cover and I totally respect that. How about you? What’s your take? Do you breastfeed in public? With cover or none?




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