I have been breastfeeding Olivia for 13 months now and I have no plans of weaning her off the breasts soon.

When we hit the one year mark, I felt like I hit a big milestone as a mum. I think that I deserve a tap on the shoulder hehe. My family, in-laws and husband are very supportive about me breastfeeding Olivia. However, someone close to our hearts have questioned me about it.

We bumped to this certain someone just recently. So we had a little chit chat and told her that we had to go as Olivia’s hungry. She asked if I am still breastfeeding my kid. I said, yes, with a smile.

I thought that she’ll be acknowledging my efforts and will commend me for doing such a good job. She responded shockingly (I must say, with disgust) “You’re still breastfeeding her??? What? Why? She’s big na. You should wean her off. I breastfed my kids up to six months only, afterwards they drank *mentions an infant formula brand*”

I was startled. I stared blankly at her. And, of course, me, being this “respectful-girl-and-does-not-answer-back”, I just replied “yes” with a nod and smile.

My husband didn’t say a thing, too, as we respect this certain someone. We treat everybody with utmost respect regardless of who they are. It’s very rare  that we lose control of our emotions (well, of course, if we’re really treated badly and rudely, and if it involves our precious girl).

So we then proceeded and went our separate ways.

My husband and I discussed about what happened. He said that we just have to shrug off negative things that people have to say about our parenting style and choices for Olivia.

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He said that I am doing a great job as a mom and he supports me in breastfeeding our girl and he knows it is the best for her.

Now, I am still thinking about what happened and it makes me cringe.

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Aside from saving tons of money from buying cans and cans of formula, I am quite aware of its benefits.

Say, a can of infant formula costs PHP 1800. I heard that a baby consumes one can per week.

1,800 x 4 = 7,200/month

7,200 x 12 = 86,400/year

86,400 is the amount that we were able to save for a year. 

86,400 to say the least, not to mention the amount that we saved from buying bottles, bottle cleanser, water, etc.


Breastfeeding boosts baby’s optimal brain development, protects baby from a long list of illnesses, protects the baby from developing allergies, reduces risk of ear infections and gastroenteritis, obesity, SIDS, certain types of cancers and the list goes on.

Plus, breastfeeding is beautiful. Breastfeeding is wonderful. The bonding with my baby is priceless and incomparable. She sees me not only as her mom and protector, but also the one who gives her life. It is only I who can give her her primary needs of nutrition.

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That eye and skin contact that we have every nursing session is just something that I treasure. Something that I cannot live without. That smile that she gives me in the middle or after breastfeeding simply makes my heart melt.

Everything just makes me more attached to her and she to me, too.

I wouldn’t let negativity get into me. I know what is best for my baby and it just feels so right.



  1. I’ve gotten a few of those comments myself. Kudos to you mommy! It’s definitely a milestone. I have been breastfeeding for more than two years. There are days when I feel like it’s time to wean but other times, I feel like I could still do it for a year haha.

  2. Hi Mommy. I just don’t understand people recommending formula milk over breast milk / breastfeeding. You are doing a great job, Mommy! So far in my circle, I haven’t encountered anyone against breastfeeding my baby. She’s turning one year old this month and I don’t have plans on weaning her. I’m exclusively breastfeeding her. No bottles at home. Direct latch on since I’m a stay-at-home mompreneur. Maybe when she’s two, I might. But, I will never know that for that sure. Aside from the savings and the bonding, my favorite benefit of breastfeeding is boosting my baby’s immune system. Imagine all the antibodies that my breast milk can give to my baby esp now that whatever she holds in her hand, she immediately put it in her mouth. Since I’m breastfeeding her, I’m confident that she can fight all the germs and bacteria (though I still make sure she’s always clean and all but you’ll never know right? the germs are lurking everywhere. Haha). No one can really tell us when to stop breastfeeding our babies. That’s our choice and I hope that people will be more sensitive and more understanding with that.

    1. Hi mommy She. Wow. Advance happy birthday to your little one 🙂
      Yes diba? 🙂 *high five* the list never ends when it comes to benefits of breastfeeding 🙂
      They become less prone to illnesses. Hayy thanks to our liquid gold 🙂

  3. Been bfeeding my 2nd born for 49 months already. Yup! She turned 4 last July. Tried to wean her many times after she turned 2 but wala, tuloy pa din. When you ask her now why she doesn’t want to stop “dede”, she’ll say, “i love dede”. So i just think of that answer whenever somebody says na she’s too big na, hindi na magandang tingnan, etc.

    1. Hello, mommy Jen. Wow! talk about #goals. I wanted to breastfeed my baby, too, until she turns 4, or maybe until 8 hehe. Mommy Jen, you totally deserve a tap on the shoulder, oh, make it on both shoulders 🙂 hehe

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