Breast Reduction 101

Both women and men seek out breast reduction surgery for a variety of personal reasons. In addition to the noticeable cosmetic improvement this procedure can offer, there are a variety of medical and health benefits associated with having a breast reduction.

Personal confidence and self-esteem can often be associated with a breast reduction as well. This is both because there is improved satisfaction with body contour and proportions and also because the pain associated with extra weight in the breasts is no longer an issue after the reduction surgery.

What Is a Breast Reduction?

The breast reduction procedure is known as reduction mammaplasty. The reduction comes from removal of excess skin, tissue and fat from in and around the area of the breasts. The goal is always to achieve your cosmetic and health goals by providing beautiful, symmetrical and even breasts at the cup size you select.

The aureolas can also be reduced and reshaped as you desire during your breast reduction procedure. This can help address any stretching that may have resulted from a large breast size as well as weight gain or breastfeeding after pregnancy.

Will Breast Reduction Results Be Permanent?

In most cases, the results you achieve following your breast reduction surgery will be permanent. You can also impact the success of your procedure by following your post-operative care instructions precisely and by taking good care of your body after your surgery.

There is always a slight possibility that your body may regrow some of the breast tissue that was removed during your breast reduction procedure. However, it is very rare that the regrowth will cause the need for a second reduction procedure.

For this reason, it can be a good idea to be sure your family is complete and you have finished breastfeeding before scheduling your breast reduction surgery. The reason for this is that the hormonal shifts associated with pregnancy can trigger a greater regrowth of your breast tissue.

Will Weight Gain or Loss Affect Breast Reduction Surgery Results?

Weight gain or loss can have an impact on the results of breast reduction surgery. Weight gain may cause your breasts to increase in size once again. Weight loss may cause your breast appearance to change or droop due to the loss of tissue and fat in that area of your body.

Because of this, if at all possible it is ideal to be at or near your ideal long-term weight before you schedule your breast reduction surgery.

What Are the Risks of Breast Reduction Surgery?

All surgical procedures come with some degree of common risk. These risks include scarring, poor wound healing, infection, bleeding, uneven results, numbness near the surgical area or a reaction to the anesthetic used.

The surgeon you choose can greatly influence your level of risk during a breast reduction procedure. When you schedule your consultation with Dr. Steinbrech, he will do a thorough exam of the procedure area and take your full personal and family health history.

This is done to rule out as many risks as possible and select the optimal time for your breast reduction procedure.

Will There Be Any Scarring from a Breast Reduction?

Because a breast reduction surgery requires incisions, there is always a risk that scars may be visible even after you fully heal. Placement of the incisions can have a big impact on your overall appearance after your procedure.

Here, the more skilled and experienced your surgeon is, the less likely you will have any visible scarring.

What Is Recovery From a Breast Reduction Procedure Like?

Most patients report some level of discomfort in the first few days following a breast reduction procedure. The most common temporary recovery issues include some swelling, tenderness, bruising, numbness and drainage near the incision sites.

For the first few months following your surgery, it will be important to refrain from any significant physical activity and be very gentle with your body. You will be provided with a supportive surgical bra, which will help minimize any pain and swelling as your body heals.

In most cases, you will be able to return to work within one to two weeks, so long as your job duties are conducive to your ongoing recovery.

What Are the Benefits of Breast Reduction Surgery?

There are many health, wellness and cosmetic benefits associated with choosing to have a breast reduction procedure. For instance, many patients report a reduction in back and shoulder pain that comes from reducing cup size during the breast reduction procedure.

Often, patients also report increased esteem and confidence from shifting the focus away from their breasts after the reduction surgery. As well, you may find you now have the opportunity to play sports or try new activities without worrying about back or shoulder injury because of the extra weight of your breasts.

Feeling better about how you look and enjoying the shape and symmetry of your breasts and areolas is one of the benefits post-operative patients most enjoy about their breast reduction surgery results. You may also find it is much easier to go shopping and find clothing that fits you well in all areas of your body.

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